Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Brief Comment

I had a little chat with a postal worker on why they aren't delivering mail to the apartment building that I just moved into. I also spoke to the representative of the building owner on why she can't get the post office to deliver mail to the building.

An iron law (if not THE iron law) of bureaucracy is that the so-called workers in the system will make the least effort necessary in order to collect their paychecks. The ideal situation of course is that the bureaucrat should do no work at all in order to collect their pay. [1] Thus it should be no surprise to us that a new generation of Islamic suicide bombers are penetrating security checkpoints manned by the employees of a Federal agency.

In the private sector a serious failure of that magnitude would result in the firing of the employee who failed to do his job and possible criminal prosecution. In the Federal sector a lazy bum is protected by the civil service apparatus. And God help you if you try to discipline an affirmative action diversity hireling. [2]

The Left, in what they imagine to be their infinite wisdom, is now pushing for placing the entire field of medicine in the hands of people who have no stake in the outcome of medical treatments. Whether you, or the most precious members of your family, live or die is simply irrelevant to them as long as they collect their paychecks and pensions. There is no shortage of horror stories coming out of nations where the state provides universal health care. [3]

Innocent people will die needlessly when the state takes over the field of medicine. the nice term for this is murder.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

1. I've been led to understand that this has been actually achieved in some places in Africa.

2. This may explain why the Democratic Party nominated a grossly inexperienced African-American instead of Hillary Clinton. Apparently many on the left may have felt that the race of Die Grosse Null made him immune from criticism. Not only critics of the policies and actions of the Obama administration are being called racists, they are being called such in a manner similar to the way the old school Klansmen used to describe their victims as "uppity niggers."

3. Livestock on American capitalist farms receive better medical care than the subjects of the Cuban communist state.


HTRN said...

The first is called "no show" jobs. Unions, particularly the New York Construction unions and the UAW both have them. It drives the employers nuts.

And oh, did you ever actually find out(Translation: hear their excuse) why they won't deliver the mail?

Leslie Bates said...

The post office won't deliver until the property owner installs the "right kind" or state of the art of mailboxes. The property owner wants to use the original mailboxes that were installed when the building went up in the fifties.

So it's a pissing contest. I should get a PO box anyway so I can have a secure destination for stuff that I order online.

Leslie Bates said...

The pissing contest is over. The property owner won. I'm now being flooded with junk mail.