Thursday, September 07, 2006

So Anyway

Speaking of depraved trash, I hit Blogs For Bush immediately after coming home from work and saw the link to this:

The right-wingers who think nothing but the worst of Cindy Sheehan probably won't change their minds after reading Peace Mom. In the book, which hits bookstores September 19, the antiwar icon admits she has fantasized about going back in time and killing the infant George W. Bush, thereby preventing the Iraq War.

And Powerline has linkage to this:

Capital punishment? I think that if, if I've got to find that guy in Spain who indicted Pinochet and get him for war crimes, and I get him to do the same thing for Bush. And in that case, I would be for capital punishment.

What we have here is the demand that an elected public official is to be murdered for performing his duty to the best of his ability.

Is it any wonder now that every time I see a BDS bumper sticker the word "murderer" pops into my head?

But why should I stop there?

The purpose of government in a civilized nation, for which the above-linked trash have condemned President Bush to death, is to protect the Life, Liberty, and Property of the citizens and legal resident of that nation. Which in the case of the United States of America would include myself. So the above-mentioned depraved mouth droppings are not only an incitement to murder President Bush, they are a denial of the Rights of Life, Liberty, and Property of all citizens and legal residents of the United States, including myself. They a voice of approval to the enslavement and murder of all citizens of the United States, including myself.

The unavoidable fact of reality is that the self-styled "peace activist" is not a morally superior being, he or she is a willing accomplice to conquest, slavery, and mass murder. They are an active hazard to human life. Or in an ancient tongue: hostis humani generis, an enemy of mankind in general.

In my view killing a so-called peace activist is not an act of murder. It is a morally necessary homicide carried out in defense of self, of one's family, of one's nation, and of Humanity in General.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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