Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Think Of It As Idiocy In Action

A bunch of leftist morons (yes, I know that's redundant) want to occupy the White House on March 15th.

The Administration is Criminal and if they will not step down, we must storm in, show them how many of us do not accept a criminal government. How can we stand by and watch them kill our brothers, sisters, journalists and friends for their dollars?

We are calling on all Member Nations of the U.N., All Representatives and Justices in the World Court and International Criminal Courts, all soldiers and CIA agents and government officials who have been blackmailed by the dictators to incarcerate Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. The Political Cooperative will put a new government in place that is comprised of people from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and all the organizations that have finally made us aware of the truth of the savage practices and illegal policies of our government in assassinating our own officials as well as people throughout the world who oppose their criminal activity.

My (lack of) God, what a bunch of freaking morons! Never mind the fact that it is their fellow leftists who have run up the hundred million person bodycount.

These bozoids apparently believe in magic. Like the idiots who burn flags, threw "frisbees for peace" during the Cold War, or banged on the bongo drums to effect the outcome of last election.

They apparently believe that physical possession of the magic object will somehow confer special powers to them. But in fact the White House is not a sacred shrine that confers political authority to those who possess it, it is simply the residence and workplace of the President of the United States.

The fact of the matter is that President Bush, or his constitutionally lawful successor Vice President Cheney, could conduct the business of government from a card table in a tent set up in a Kansas wheatfield.

But these Lenin-wannabes also want to repudiate our Constitution.

Those of us who served in the armed forces and have sworn to defend the Constitution have a special name for such morons: TARGETS.

A tip of the hat to Charles, our Lizardroid Master.

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Leslie Bates said...

Just for the record: Charles Johnson, the "Lizardroid Master" of the Little Green Footballs website has gone over to the other side.

He's part of the problem now.