Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Someone Else's Thought For The Day

Windrider at Silent Running wrote:

Bin Laden'’s dream is not so different from the delusions of Adolf Hitler. Power. Absolute power. But Hitler isn'’t really even in the same league of dreamers as Stalin and Bin Laden, or at least he never was able to come close to realizing the same scope of control - because good men recognized his evil, and stood forth to stop him.

On one day of that struggle, 4,900 Americans lost their lives. In one single day. Are there those who claim that their deaths were meaningless? Or that their cause not worthwhile? Europe liberated from Nazi tyranny. A wholesale mass-murder industry put out of business, with the camps of mechanized death dismantled.

In two and a half years, America has lost 2,000 US Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. In a task with the same goals as that which took 4900 in a single day. The opposition of tyranny. The dismantlement of a culture of death. The liberation of millions of people such that they may choose their destiny, instead of having it imposed upon them by fear.

2,000. In two and a half years.

A high cost, to be sure. But not as high a price as has been exacted in the past.

Terror is merely the method. The ultimate goal is the establisment and maintainance of a state of tyranny.

It does not matter if the tyrants calls themselves Communists, National Socialists, or Theocrats, they simply cannot be reasoned with. Negotiations, summit meetings, and other gestures of good will cannot stop them. Like any predatory animal they can only be driven off and ultimately destroyed.

If we are to continue to live a proper human life then the hunting season on tyrants and those who willingly support them must always be open.

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