Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Someone Else's Thought For The Day

A blast from the past from the Dissident Frogman's blog:

On The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

But talking about TCM, -- which despite a persistent rumor, is not based on a true story: it's very loosely inspired by the sick bastard, victim of the society fetishist and cannibal serial killer Ed Gein's life as with know it. In fact, Tobe Hooper and Kim Henkel mostly used bits and pieces (No pun intended. Okay, just a... bit... Darn! Forget about it) of Gein's story: the farm of course but also Ed's Human Bones and Skin artisanal furniture. But no chainsaw, no Texas, no hippies traveling in a Volkswagen minibus: Ed lived in Wisconsin, 1950 -- I won't mention the outstanding staging, direction, crappy photography turned into art and serving so brilliantly the ambiance of the movie and therefore its purpose. These are, after all, subject to discussion.

That said, to find "no message" in a 1974 independent movie (the important words are "independent" and "1974") staging a group of hippies suddenly confronted to a bunch of unprincipled wackos focused on the idea of hunting and eating anything that runs on two legs and utterly immune to the virtue of unilateral peace, love (Imagine all the people. In the seasoning bowl) as well as 12 years plus 19 UN resolutions (it's just an example), frankly, one has to watch this movie in a very superficial way.

Or be a former - or "neo" - love loving hippy I guess.

These poor peaceful "methodically hunted down and disposed of in brutal fashions" young people. How sick! How vile! How immoral!

Can you please put down that chainsaw and stop eating the fleshy love children of peace Mr. Leatherface?

Tell you what: I'm afraid the Texas Chainsaw Massacre's message is still cruelly valid these days.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

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