Thursday, January 24, 2019

Heil Hillary!

The Democratic Party program of higher taxes on the productive to buy off the lazy and higher regulations on business to buy off the jealous was known in the old country as zwangwirtshaft, a social-enconomic policy that was initiated by Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck under the Kaiserreich and brought to its ultimate fruition in the Fuhererreich by the NSDAP and its glorious leader Adolf Hitler.  Just for fun try to compare the platform (if you can find a copy) of the Democratic Party with the twenty-five point program of the National Socialist German Workers Party. The Democratic program is essentially totalitarian socialism without the Ubermensch fantasy and the leather fetish.  But then the Democratic Party is really nothing more than a gang of despots, traitors, thieves, and murderers.

Need I say more?

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