Sunday, August 20, 2017

Another Message For The Hard Left

I’ll start with a quote:

“We must teach our children to hate. Hatred is the basis of communism.”

– V.I. Lenin, 1923

My friend Mark Urbin has been kind enough to report a tweet from an outright nihilist:

“Most of the time when I encounter a cis man who has opinions that I strongly disagree with or just a shit person in general I thing about having visceral and rough sex with them.  I feel the need to assert my dominance of men with flawed opinions sexually.”

The author of this expression of hatred then describes in obscene terms the process of sexually torturing and murdering the victim.  Apart from the physical sense of the word how could this being be described as Human?

So what is this “cis” prefix that has popped up recently in the mental droppings of the other side?

It apparently refers to the concept of “Cisgender” which appears to be a new academic label for someone who identifies themselves as the gender of their birth.  It is a slur for someone who practices the virtue of rationality and is a claim of mental and moral superiority over sane men. [1]

When a rational man [2] encounters a statement that is wrong, he could put forth a counter argument.  Or on seeing the statement as totally insane he could simply dismiss it.  But when encountering a disagreement the nihilist expresses the desire to torture and murder the rational man.


The predator culture has existed from the stone age.  Predators are dependent on the thought and labor of the productive member’s of society for their sustenance and their excuse is a claim to superior status which is literally enforced by deadly force.  The dismissal of their excuses are in practical effect a death sentence to the predator.  Thus predators are hostile to reason and must actively opposed it--even to the open use of deadly force.

Some predator have created an academic culture that is now opposed to rational thought.  Falsehoods are now treated facts and truths are held to be untrue.  And if a failing grade is not sufficient to silence the critic open force will do.

So what is to be done?  How do we respond to the insanity?

If we were to respond to the predators as Stalin did to those who rightfully refused or were unable to obey him their academic and urban centers would be reduced to piles of smoking rubble and there would be mass graves from coast to coast.

It would be Sodom and Gomorrah all over again.

So when do we get Biblical on them?

1.  Insanity is not limited to gender identity.  A former friend who had the sex change operation once said to me that he was voting for Barack Obama because the candidate would restore The Constitution.  This was at a time when Obama’s contempt for The Constitution and The Rule of Law was well known.  And he was also upset at a joke that referred to Obama supporters as a cult.  It was on driving past the local Obama campaign headquarters this I called it the Obamatology Org.  This joke referred to the Scientology practice of calling the local site an Org.

2.  I’m using the male inclusive mode of speech here, I will not submit to academic Newspeak and the use of so-called gender neutral pronouns.

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