Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Repeat Of Someone Else's Post

I recall that after Osama Bin Laden was capped, some people went out of their way to announced that they weren’t goigng to celebrate the death of another human being, that every death was a tragedy, blah, blah, blah. Well, screw that hippie noise. Castro was a monster who subjugated the entire island of Cuba under Communism for more than half a century.While I’m not going to actually celebrate any further than the writing of this post, I admit  I’m happy to see him go and wish it could’ve happened sooner. Like maybe 1957 or so.

If there is any justice, he’s currently being passed around between some undead fire giants in Niflhel, to get used and tossed in the soggy box of weeping scorched worn-out remnants with Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, FDR, Zinn and the rest of the collectivist scumbags who helped turn the 20th century into a freakin’ charnel house.       

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