Friday, July 15, 2016

Another Comment On The Nice Massacre

In the spring of 1982 the infantry basic training course at Fort Benning included instruction on Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical warfare.  The unofficial motto of the block of instruction was, UP THE ASS WITH BUGS AND GAS AND NUKE‘EM ‘TILL THEY GLOW!

How could anyone joke about the horrors of an unrestrained war with the Soviet Union?

The first thing I noticed in this image from the Daily Mail was the doll laying on the pavement.  Then I saw the covered body on the little girl laying next to it.  Although I am sitting calmly at my computer my inner emotional state is of quiet rage at the monster who carried out the murder.

But not everyone shares my outrage at this scene.

Across the realm dominated by the doctrine of Islam there is joyous celebration of this act of murder. 

How could anyone be so depraved?

Evil is simply the negation of Human Life.  The doctrine of Islam reverses morality and condemns a joyous and productive life.  And where a normal religion, such as the Western Monotheist Tradition (WMT), promises a higher state of being, Islam instead promises the eternal gratification of the basest animal desires.

Given the doctrine of Islam denies that Human Life is the basic value of a real moral code. Then why then should a true Muslim NOT murder anyone at whim?  The true Muslim has no real moral values.  The true Muslim is promised entry into the eternal whorehouse of Allah and supply of eternal victims to placate his most base carnal desires.

But contrary to the doctrine of Islam rational men have identified God as the first and foremost of rational beings.  From this position rational men seek to join God in his community and to this tries to identify the means of doing so.  This the basis of the Western Monotheist Tradition.  Furthermore in the WMT each man is responsible for and in control of his own life.  He must by his own thoughts and actions identify and follow the correct path to enter the Community of God.

In many Polytheist traditions Man is deemed to be the property of one or more deities.  Man exists solely to serve the deities and may be ritually used or even killed in accordance to the doctrine of the religion.  Man is not held to comply with real laws enacted to protect the life and property of their persons but must instead obey the commandments of the deities who claim ownership over him.   It was into this cognitive environment Mohammed inserted the doctrine of Islam.  Islam was a theological fraud created to recruit a mob of criminals to enforce his will upon the vast sea of victims.   To do this Mohammed recycled a pagan deity as his substitute for the being identified as God in the WMT.  To recruit the criminals required to commit his greater crimes Mohammed promised his followers the eternal gratification of the basest sensual desires.  It was here the real criminal acts are elevated to the moral position of right.  As a result where the doctrine of Islam rules there is savagery and enforced poverty in the place of the social peace and prosperity of the civilized nations.

Because the doctrine of Islam fully denies the Rights of Man those who believe and practice it cannot claim those rights for themselves.  Nor can they claim a place in any civilized nation or society in general.  And in fact Muslims have no place in existence at all.

So why did I mention my training in NBC warfare?

The answer is obvious.

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