Friday, February 26, 2016

Moron Of The Day

Mark Urbin has provided us with this brain dropping:

Does this walking brain death case understand the difference between the acts of nomination and election?

Apparently not.

Up until 1965 the Democrats were the party of corruption and Ku Klux Klan.  As a result most Blacks identified themselves politically as Republicans.

So what happened?

The Democrat occupying the White House, Lyndon Johnson, decided to co-opt the black population into voting for his party.  He and his fellow democrats in Congress used public funds for a set of programs called the Great  Society.  As a result he got his wish for the "N*****s" to vote Democrat.  There has also been five decades of indoctrination into hatred of Republicans in general and Whites in particular.

Given all this one may conclude that the twin in question mat also be a racial collectivist.  In that case I would suggest that  this twit follow the helpful examples provided by other racial collectivists in this You Tube video:

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