Sunday, November 22, 2015


I left a comment on Mike Rinder's blog:

"Does the desire to appear upstat apply to groups outside of Official Scientology? For example the constant push by the Islamic State to grab territory and kill infidels?"

"Upstat" in Official Scientology means an improvement in a statistic, such as an increase in membership or money received for services.  Because there is a long running decrease in membership numbers and with it a drop in money taken in by the church the current management has begun an effort to create an illusion of expansion by purchasing and refurbishing larger building in major urban centers.  The apparent purpose of the "Ideal Org" program is to create an illusion of expansion to  the internal membership.  Although the membership is directed to believe the leadership without question a human mind requires actual sense data in order independently verify a specific belief or in this case to maintain the illusion.

Although the doctrine of Islam commands aggression on nonbelievers the Islamic State is under attack from all sides and is losing territory and subjects to exploit.  In order to maintain the illusion of progress, and appear to be "upstat" an effort must be made to attack visible targets outside of control zone of the Islamic State.  Thus the recent attacks in Paris and other locations in Europe.

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