Monday, January 19, 2015

Moron of the Day

Progressive propagandist (I’m being polite) Michael Moore has come out to denounce the recently released film American Sniper.  In his pathetic rant he denounces military snipers as cowards who shoot their victims in the back.

So what?

I served as a Combat Rifleman in the United States Army during the Cold War with the Soviet Union.  At no point were I and my fellow soldiers ordered to only shoot enemy combatants in the front and not the back. 

Not once.

An enemy combatant is an enemy combatant regardless of witch direction he was facing.

Of course if Moore were consistent he would have to denounce his fellow Progressives in the NKVD as their normal procedure in murdering their unarmed victims was to shoot them in the back of the head at point blank range.

And far from being cowards snipers are in fact at the forefront of hostile contact with the enemy.

Of course Comrade Moore is speaking to an audience of ignorant and dishonest Progressives like himself.

In any case I’m planning to see American Sniper today at a local theater.


It’s no surprise that Progressive propagandist Michael Moore (I’m being polite again) has spit out a great amount of venom about the recently released film American Sniper.  That fact is that those who label themselves Progressives are in reality predators and they see normal people as mere animals to be consumed.  As a result Progressives ABSOLUTELY LOATHE those who stand against them as the protectors of their victims.

The film depicts the life of Chris Kyle as he assumes the role of a protector in the schoolyard and follows him into the United States Navy as a member of a SEAL Team.  This film accurately depicts the physical and psychological effects of antiterrorist warfare on those who served in Iraq.

I saw the film this afternoon at the Saint Anthony Main Theater which is in a liberal neighborhood in Minneapolis and there was applause from the audience as the credits came up at the end.

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