Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Message to Mister Trump

The Big Zero is not going to any release evidence that he is not a proper American Citizen and therefore is not eligible for the office that he presently occupies.

And the members of The Church Of Obamatology will not care any more that their messiah is not a proper citizen of this republic any more than the members of the NSDAP* were ever concerned that their leader was a subject of the Austrian Empire.

There will be no impact on the election. Why bother?

* That's the Nazi Party for the historically challenged.


Mark said...

Of course the "press" will give this a complete and utter pass, except to mock Trump.

Not that the questions the Donald is asking about our Dear Leader shouldn't be asked. They should have been asked by those DNC operatives with bylines back in 2008.

Instead they flew over Chicago, the capital of political corruptions in the United States, on their way to Alaska in order to vet Governor Sarah Palin and report in somber tones that her own husband was registered as an independent, and not as a Republican.

They will continue to be not just in the tank, but kneeling in front of Obama with their mouths full, up until he loses the election.

Then they so-called "objective" press will go back to backing the Clintons, whom they dumped back in 2008 for their new boyfriend, Barry.

Leslie Bates said...

Speaking of boyfriends, I've read that "Bathhouse Barry" likes to be felliated by older white men.