Friday, June 11, 2010

So Anyway

The local nurses union staged a strike this week. There were yard signs all over town declaring that they care for us. As far as I recall this is the first time I have ever seen political yard signs go up before a strike.

There have also been billboards put up around the Twin Cities area proclaiming their position of "people before corporate profits." Clearly a shining example of someone's brain on leftism.

I don't believe that it would be a good use of my time to try to explain to the shrieking harpies that without the reasonable expectation of a return on an investment no rational individual would make an investment. In other words, with out profits there are no hospitals. Even the local church based hospitals over in Saint Paul, Minnesota have merged into a corporation, the Healtheast Care System. (I used to work for them.)

I had to hold my tongue and my middle finger today as I and about five other drivers from Red and White Taxi had to drive by some picketing harpies at the Minneapolis Children's Hospital who were shrieking that I and my passengers, four of the nice ladies who were filling in for the strikers, should die.

(I have to wonder how many of those shrieking harpies are involved with the Church of Obamatology.)

You know, I would not want any of those shrieking harpies anywhere near me or any other member of my family in the event of a hospitalization.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.



Anonymous said...

Strikes in the recession seem like a bad idea. The shrieking probably doesn't help

Anonymous said...

From the faraway state where I live, I presume the strikers stopped serving the sick in order to force higher wages to increase their own profits (or their benefits, which amounts to the same thing). So we may conclude that they believe putting profits before people is ok, just so long as rich capitalists aren't the ones doing it.

I'd further presume that most people missed that entirely. And the few conservatives who got it thought they were really smart for getting it, and went on to put themselves on public display pointing it out.

Are my presumptions right? It's certainly a common pattern.

Even if I'm wrong, it still illustrates that you need to look both ways before crossing the street. It's a subject that wasn't raised or exemplified on this blog, it's just one that has been seriously pissing me off these days: conservatives who accuse the Left of being inconsistent, because that's only looking one way, and you're going to get mowed down.

Yeah, the Left said "A" yesterday, says "B" today, and will say "C" tomorrow - all under identical conditions. So what? "If a conservative had done the same thing, there'd be hell to pay." Sure. But so what?

We The People need to learn to look both ways.

In all cases, the Left is using concretes to illegitimize and destroy the underlying principles (and truth) of freedom, of success, of what America once stood for, of capitalism itself - and remember that capitalism is nothing more than the exercise of individual human rights.

In the 'mind' of a Leftist, killing animals for their meat is fine - so long as you're not a human. Carrying a gun is fine - so long as you're not just a citizen. Abusing women is fine - so long as you're a Muslim and not a westerner. Jailing illegal "immigrants" is fine - so long as you're the Mexican government and not the American. Being violent is fine - so long as you're protesting against America or Israel. Hateful comments are fine - so long as they are made against Americans, Israelis, white people, freedom, capitalists, carnivores, gun owners, or corporations.

Putting profits before people is fine - so long as you do it while protesting against CORPORATIONS putting profits before people.

And as to the nihi-Leftist view of profits: working for profit is fine - so long as you're not actually successful at it.

So where's the hypocrisy?

Maybe the nihi-Left is fully loyal to their underlying goal. Maybe little concrete items like violence and 'hate speech' are just tools to be used as needed at any given moment. Maybe those who see the forest within the trees, understand that the Left's underlying, unchanging, unbetrayed goal is envy-driven statism.

Let's call it "nihilocracy", because that's what it is. The reich of the nihilist, the rule of destruction, the annihilation-state.

'Fraid so.

The Stalinists made heroes of the worker, and the Nazis made heroes of the Aryans, but who does the modern Left make heroes of? Nobody. There are to be no heroes, only the mundane. No winners, only losers. No rich, only middle class. No "exploiters", only tree-huggers. No beauty, only "inner beauty". And no inner beauty, only a mundane, loser, middle class, tree-hugging, nihilocratic dog in the manger.

Nihilocracy is the one thing that doesn't change about the modern Left. They are fully consistent, fully loyal, fully principled, and fully nihilistic. And as long as their pursuit of the annihilation-state goes unnoticed, their achievement of it will go unstopped.

Who wants to live in anything that could be called a nihilocracy?

If you don't look both ways, it will mow your ass down. The Left is counting on it.