Monday, December 14, 2009

Coincidence of the Day

Last night I wrote the following passage:

It was snowing outside.

Dennis Keller stood and watched the snowflakes drift down to the ground outside the sliding glass doors of the sitting room. Some of the snowflakes had the temporary good fortune -- they would eventually melt after being crushed under the weight of subsequent snowfalls –- to land on the bare ground or the concrete pavement. Other snowflakes weren’t so fortunate. They would land in the tiny stream which ran outside the house and melt immediately. It was the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet Freya.

Dennis realized that it had been nearly three decades since the last time he had taken the time to stand at the door and watch each flake of snow fall to the ground. He had been too busy growing up.

Right now it is snowing outside my apartment.

Oh, I've moved out of my brother's basement and I'm now living in a studio apartment in an inner suburb of Minneapolis.

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