Monday, December 01, 2008


Outrider at Little Green Footballs wrote:

Not that this tale has much to do with anything------

Back in the mid 80s our unit deployed to REFORGER from Ft Hood, TX to Northern Germany. The section NCOIC brought a stuffed toy duck along as a joke. Shortly after arrival the duck disappeared. But for the next three months while we were there we kept getting these communiques and photos of the duck. The photos usually involved the duck being blindfolded and bound with a gun pointed at its head. I think the "kidnappers" were the Peoples Liberation Army of something or other. But, these photos had backgrounds of scenery all over Europe. It kept people amused for the three months though.

It was finally returned as we were turning the vehicles back in prior to redeployment, when someone noticed the duck was tied spread-eagled to the grill of a five ton truck. Happy ending.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

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