Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bad News

The bridge that carries Interstate Highway 35-W over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis has collapsed into the river.

Until Mn-DOT had started work to refurbish the bridge it was part of the route that I took to and from the Pizza Hut where I work.

Update on Thursday Morning:

L.A. Sunsett has something to say on this.



LA Sunset said...

Well Les, I am glad you are okay. I thought about you and your travels around town when I heard about this a few minutes ago.

This is absolutely horrific. I cannot help but wonder if terrorism was involved. They say there's no evidence pointing to it right now, but those things usually do not come out right away. It just seems so unusual that the entire span would fall, for no apparent reason.

Take care.

Leslie Bates said...


Given the probable traffic patterns for tomorrow, I will have to drive through St. Paul to get to work.