Thursday, December 23, 2004

Finely Spun News

Ms. Anita Snow of the Associated Press wrote:

Cheered by hundreds of lawmakers, a smiling Fidel Castro walked in public Thursday for the first time since shattering his kneecap in a fall two months ago.

Legislators looked stunned, then smiled and applauded, when Cuba's 78-year-old president entered the main auditorium of the Convention Palace on the arm of a uniformed schoolgirl to attend a year-end National Assembly meeting.

The Associated Press as of late has shown a pronounced tendency to show the Enemies of Mankind in a favorable light. Particularly those presently operating in Iraq.

Also notable is their ongoing tendency to treat the reams of falsehoods emitted by such persons and states as if they were the truth. In this case the notion that the so-called national assembly is a legislative body that truly represents the will of people instead of in fact being a collection of party stooges who perform the political voodoo ceremonies that create the illusion of legitimacy for what is in fact the will of the dictator.

Of course on a certain level I will say that it is a good thing that Comrade Fidel is up and about. Of course when I say that, it is, like a wish that Bill and Hillary Clinton remain married, an act of pure malice on my part.

After all, it would look a lot better if, when Comrade Fidel is finally punished for his crimes against the people of Cuba, that he is standing before the firing squad instead of sitting in front of it.

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