Friday, January 03, 2014


As I write this it is eleven degrees below zero outside of my apartment building on the Fahrenheit scale.  It's not quite the old eastern Front level of cold but it's still dangerous.  The Army Reserve unit I initially joined in 1982 was equipped and was training to be sent to Alaska in the event of an open war with the Soviet Union.

I had a lot to look forward to back then.

Now that the Soviet Union has departed from the scene our nation is facing a new hazard.  This is an ideological menace from from within our own educational establishment.

The ideology of Environmentalism.

One aspect of this problem is the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming.  It is here that the actions of Mankind are deemed to be the cause of planetary heating.  A catastrophe that could only be stopped by a radical change in social behavior which in turn must be enforced with absolute compliance by a totally empowered state.

This notion is complete nonsense. 

As I write this a Russian icebreaker has just been freed from a pack of sea ice that according to Global Warming Theory should not have been present.  The expedition that chartered the ship were believers in the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming who were seeking evidence to support their beliefs.

What they received was the opposite.  They recieved the truth. 

What appears to be an inherent part of Climate Change Theory is the notion that the planetary climate does not change without a human factor present.  That the natural climate is a static state.

But in reality there is hard physical evidence of radical climate change on the planetary scale.  Of rain forests running from pole to pole.  And of ice covering the entire planet.

The fact is that the Earth is a changing environment within an ever changing universe.  And all of this change is completely natural.

In light of this we must see that government policies, especially those reaching a totalitarian level of control are fundamentally oppressive and unnecessary.  Those laws and policies must be repealed.

And it's also time for the people in the Environmentalist Movement to grow up and get a life.

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