Wednesday, January 29, 2014

State Of The Union

So what do I think of the State of the Union address last night?

I don't.  I didn't bother to watch it or to read a transcript.  Nor do I intend to catch up on the subject.


Because the intellectual premises -- the basic system of beliefs -- held by Barack Obama and his followers are fundamentally false.  There is simply no purpose in wasting time and burning brain cells on answering him point for point.

So what does he believe?

The answer is what I call the Gospel According to Marx.  It was imparted on him by his maternal parent and grandparents.  Marxism is fundamentally the denial of several facts of reality.

That Human Life is the fundamental moral value.  That things of value are those objects and actions that support and improve human life.   That actual values are identified by the full operation of the rational mind.

Marxism denies more. 

That things of value can be imagined by rational thought and made by real labor.  That the creation of values by labor must be directed by rational thought.   And that the distribution of values must be directed by reason on the basis of consent. And because the actions of no two persons in the process of production can have equal value the concept of equality on income is clearly invalid.

Marxism is not a new doctrine.  It is simply a cover for the old barbaric notion of might being right.  That by raising a sufficient number of fists they can negate the real value of real thought and labor.  It is nothing more than an excuse to exercise force.  But reality cannot be erased by a show of hands.  Nor can a fact be overturned at the point of a gun.  Every attempt to put Marxist doctrine into action has failed. Without exception.

Every attempt to enforce the doctrine of Marx has resulted in millions of deaths.  From the use of force to compel obedience and starvation from the failure of any Marxist system to produce food.

There is simply no excuse for anyone to believe in or to attempt to enforce the doctrine of Marxism on this or any other nation.

So why is it happening now?

In part because most Americans do not understand what is happening.  The enemy has taken over educational and media establishments.  They put out falsehoods that are believed by some of our people without question.

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