Saturday, January 04, 2014

Statement of Policy

In the ongoing effort to dismantle our civilization the notion has been put forth that ground forces of the United States should placed between the remnant of the State of Israel and the Muslim terrorists pretending to be a Palestinian state.

Why is this being discussed by anyone?

There is no question that Palestine is a myth.  It is load of nonsense created by stupid politicians and diplomats to give the appearance national identity to a specific mob of believers in the religion of conquest, plunder, and murder.  The fact is the every so-called nation on Earth that is ruled by Muslims was conquered from the lawful inhabitants.  And that every Muslim living now is the descendant of a conqueror or and a collaborator who converted to Islam.

The only rational policy that can be followed by the United States is the complete support of the State of Israel in their efforts to provide security the land and their people.

If by some miracle or serious hard work I were actually elected to the office of President, and the policy proposed by John Kerry were in place, the orders to the troops on the ground will be to secure the base areas until contact is made with the IDF and then to support the IDF as possible in their effort to re-establish true security over the West Bank and Gaza areas.

The fact is that the areas of the West Bank and Gaza properly belong to the people of Israel and not to descendants of the conquerors and collaborators.

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