Saturday, January 11, 2014

Illumination Of Islam

To see what someone believes watch how they behave.

All across the lands occupied by the doctrine of Islam there is celebration.  As rational and therefore decent people are mourning the death of Ariel Sharon there are animals in human form dancing in the streets.

The doctrine of Islam teaches that Human Life is worthless.  It teaches that those who defend Human Life are evil.

The doctrine of Islam is the exact opposite of true morality.

The believers of Islam are declaring that the death of Ariel Sharon is the sign of the power of Allah.  But Allah is a false pagan god that was stolen and recycled by a career criminal to fulfill his own lusts.

Ariel Sharon died in his sleep after lying for eight years in a coma.  This is in fact tragic, but it is not a sign of the power of a false god.

 Ariel Sharon dedicated his life to the creation and defense of the State of Israel.  He is in fact a hero to be admired.  He will never be a villain to a rational person.

As I have said before and will continue to state those who choose to behave as animals have chosen to be identified and treated as such.  They are solely responsible for their own fate.


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