Monday, January 06, 2014

The Homosexual Privilege

As you may read from the title of this article I am not a supporter of what are commonly called Gay Rights.

How can that be?

The answer comes in a true understanding of what the so-called Gay Rights actually are.

The clearest understanding and thus definition of the concept of a right came from Ayn Rand:

A “right” is a moral principle defining and sanctioning a man’s freedom of action in a social context.

As can be expected by a rational observer Miss Rand had a great amount to say on the concept of Rights.  You may read most of it here at this link.

Now from a clearly rational perspective a homosexual is simply another person and therefore has the  rights identical to any other person.  The concept of a specific set of "Gay Rights" is therefore meaningless.

So what is the actual issue?

I will try to keep the answer short.

What "Gay Rights" are is in fact a set of privileges granted to Homosexuals as a class by the Nomenklatura* in exchange for the their support in the struggle for power over The People.

What is a privilege?

A privilege is an act of legislation enacted for the private benefit of a specific person or class of persons at the expense of other people.  Therefore a privilege is not and absolutely cannot be a proper law enacted by the government of a free society.

So why are privileges being granted to Homosexuals as a class?

 Because Homosexuals are identified as being dysfunctional.  Rational people do not want the Homosexual dysfunction to effect them in normal life.  And because rational parents clearly seek to avoid the adverse effect of Homosexual contact with their children.**

The privilege granted is the negation of individual judgement and especially the actual rights of parents to control access to their children.   For the grant of this privilege the Homosexual class exchanges their votes in the elections and are fully expected to give financial support to the ruling party***

Those who exercise rational judgement with respect to Homosexuals are now subject arrest and punishment.  Good people will be injured and dies as a result.  And the children of good people  will be used and abused by Homosexuals.  And some will also die as well.

So what can I say?

Those who benefit from tyranny are part of problem and will be included in the solution.

They will have no one to blame but themselves.

Any questions?

* Nomenklatura:  The actual ruling class in the Soviet Union and their empire.  Here the term is used to denote the present rulers and abusers of our nation.

** While there are some people who cite The Torah/Old Testament as the grounds for their aversion to homosexuals.  This book is clearly the product of an effort by the exiled People of Israel to understand what happened to them and to see a path for living in their future.  The problems with homosexuals were as evident then as they are now.  Non-reproduction and sexually transmitted diseases being at the forefront of the problems.  Remember homosexuals do not reproduce, that must recruit from the non-effected.

*** For all practical effects the Democrats and the Old Guard of the Republicans now constitute a single de-facto party.  We as citizens must identify and deal with them as such.

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