Tuesday, January 14, 2014

On Islamophobia

By rational definition Islamophobia is the irrational fear of Islam.

Does this phenomena actually exist?

Islam denies all of the Rights of Man.  Most importantly Islam denies the fundamental Right of Life.  As a result Islam commands the followers to subjugate and to plunder the nonbelievers.  Those who raise a hand in their own defense are in retaliation be murdered.

Furthermore all women are deemed to be inferior creatures who exist solely to be used by Muslim males*.  Although forcible rape is declared to be illegal the act of prosecution is impractical.  In addition the mere complaint of forcible rape is deemed to a confession to the crime of adultery, which under Islam is a capital offense.  In Islam the act of forcible rape of nonbelievers is not only rendered legal but by scripture is often encouraged.

By rational examination it is clear that an irrational fear of Islam is impossible.

So how we identify those who believe in existence of Islamophobia and actively seek to suppress it?

These persons are giving material aid and comfort to the Enemies of Mankind.  As the American People is part of Mankind, such aid when performed by Americans constitutes under Constitutional definition an act of Treason.

Unfortunately the act of Treason is not prosecuted nor properly punished.

* The concept of Man does not apply in this case.

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