Saturday, January 11, 2014

Murder Thy Neighbor

I once wrote for a minor dead tree publication called THE RESISTER.  I  had a disagreement with the editor, I told him that we as real intellectuals did not have to dehumanize the members of The Left.  My view at the time was that The Left had chosen to dehumanize themselves, and all we had to do as reporters was to observe them and accurately report our observations.

This is still true.

In a case in point my good friend Mark Urbin posted a link on his blog to a post on Talk Straight in order to illuminate this point.

Apparently some self styled intellectual over at the cesspit known as the Village Voice is openly calling for the murder and plunder of billionaires.  All in the name of the workers, which in what passes for the mind of this individual also includes folks who claim to be artists.

Here's the screen shot of the page:

This member of the Nomenklatura feels that wealth, the product of actual thought and labor, belongs not to the persons who created it, but to the collective as a whole.

When the Nomenklatura want to grab something, they will simply proclaim that desired object was unearned by the rightful owner, or was otherwise stolen and grab it. And they will kill the rightful owner if they have to.  Given sufficient time and motivation the Nomenklatura will, if they are consistently acting in accordance to their own theory, even attack the bums who are begging at the roadside for the loose change in their pockets. After all, they didn't earn that paltry sum of money either.

As Mark also pointed out when one scratches a self proclaimed liberal one will find the fascist underneath.

The fact of the matter is that the ideologies of Socialism, Fascism, et al, were nothing more than an attempt to give the appearance of legitimacy to old school savagery, which is basically the old stone age practice of beating up or killing  people and taking their stuff.

Progressive is now a synonym for barbarian and murderer.

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