Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Final Crusade

I previously opposed an intervention in the civil war in the mythical nation of Syria.

As proposed by the current administration the goal was to complete the overthrow of the Assad regime in Damascus.  This action would had the effect of supporting Al-Qaida in establishing a puppet state in the region.  American lives would have sacrificed by the current administration in the cause of Islam.

In short the proposed action of the current administration would have been an act of treason.

The following photo was published by Frontpage Magazine this morning.

This is the remains of a young Armenian Christian man who was imprisoned and murdered for refusing to convert to Islam.  This is the abomination to which Barack Obama would sacrifice American lives.

The intervention as proposed by the current administration is clearly wrong.  But actually innocent people are murdered at the hands of Muslims on both sides.

What is to be done?

If an intervention with troops on the ground is to carried out it will be for the limited objective of evacuating the remaining Christian and Jewish* people in Syria.  Those evacuated will be given sanctuary in the nations participating in the action.  And at the end of the Final Crusade will be given the option of returning to Syrian territory or obtaining citizenship in their new homelands.

The rules of engagement will be simple: all Muslims, in accordance to the Koran, are enemy combatants.  No exceptions will be made for women and children in accordance to Western standards.  The rules of warfare as adopted by Western Nations are according to the Koran man made laws and thus invalid to Muslims.  The intervention will be carried out according Islamic standards.

Although there are apparently no targets where nuclear weapons are deemed necessary there will be no restraint on the use of chemical weapons.  As biological agents cannot be reasonably restrained they will not be used.

Islam denies all of The Rights Of Man.  Muslims cannot under any circumstances claim any of those rights for themselves.   In order to live in a Human society a Muslim must fully renounce Islam.

No exceptions can be made.

* Yes, there are still a small number of Jews in Syria.

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