Friday, January 10, 2014

Leave The Title Off

Lena Dunham, an alleged actress and voter for The Big Zero, is whining about the fact that some people have esthetic standards: 
Lena Dunham, the actress who made herself infamous by comparing voting for Barack Obama to losing one's virginity, has come out with another brilliant statement: People who aren't really interested in seeing her naked need to seek help from a psychiatrist.
From reading press reports Lena Dunham has at least one tattoo that I know of. Tattooing is a form of mutilation that on women was once only seen on prostitutes. The  women who are presently thus mutilated generally fall into the categories of being stupid or a slut.  Furthermore nudity was once primarily displayed by women who accepted being seen as an object of sexual gratification.  Such women tended to strongly resemble the working prostitutes of the time. 

The alternative to prostitutes were the practicing nudists who saw themselves as being mentally healthier and thus superior in respect to those who were normally dressed.  Seriously, there was once a nudist social program. I suppose they had to publish that as an alternative to printing photos of grandmothers in old nudist magazines.

Healthy or rational egoists on the Randian model see themselves as one conscious being in a universe of conscious beings. Dunham is apparently an egotist, she sees herself as the only important person in the inhabited universe.

The fact is that Lena Dunham is a pathetic slut with a mind at the perceptual level who does not see how her beloved Schwarzführer has damaged our nation over the course of his regime.  Nor does she ever want to see the truth.  There is no functional mind present in her that a rational man would want to love.  And no rational man would want to see her in a state of nudity, even for the purpose of realism in a film.

And no, I'm not desperate enough to engage in sexual intercourse with Lena Dunham.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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