Saturday, January 04, 2014


Back on New Years Day I linked to a story on the Raw Story web site about a flutist who had his custom made flute confiscated and destroyed by the US Customs Service in New York.  [LINK]

On Friday Breitbart covered the story and I left a comment in the appropriate place.  [LINK]  Shortly thereafter someone, under the handle of "TEA4Freedom" who clearly failed to understand the issue left a comment after mine:
Grow your own food.
 Really?  Is our national food supply actually endangered by a few flutes?

The damned fool simply takes the word of the Federal Agent for granted and allows him to get away with destruction of the tools of a mans trade?  The man is left without the his means of making a living.

For everyone reading this I left the following comment after the idiot:
So what you are saying is that this arbitrary exercise of power and destruction of economic property was actually valid?
If so, how?
Otherwise I have to conclude that all that was accomplished by this wanton act of destruction was to allow a tax-fed thug to tell a story of his power to other tax-fed thugs over a beer at the local thugs watering hole.
For a bit more than the last two decades agents of the Federal Government have been destroying lives and property at will without being held accountable for their acts.  What just occurred in New York was just a very minor incident among many.  The poor flutist escaped with his life.

As established the Federal Government served Us, The People and were accountable to us. Now the Federal Government essentially serve themselves and no longer answers to us.  And when anyone demands an explanation for an action someone else -- in this case falsely claiming to be a patriot -- denounces the questioner. 

A government that is not accountable to The People is a contradiction in terms.  It is no more than a puffed up criminal gang.

What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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