Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Life Program

Anti-fracking protestors attach themselves to gas pumps in England.

What will they do next?

The fundamental premise of the Environmentalist or the Green Movement is that Human Life and thus Human Action is evil.   Although a mere handful of Green "thinkers" have come out for the complete extinction of Man many activists are content with simply striking a pose by physically interfering with rational men.  And some pro-communist politicians, who are already pushing the Death Program in their nations, have added to their anti-human postures by adopting Green positions.

The Life Program is easy to understand.  The Human Life is where persons with active rational minds are by right are free to use their knowledge to create real things of value for themselves in the real world.  Real Governments are established to protect people on the Life Program.

The Death Program is the exact opposite.  But being elected on the Death Program is effectively impossible.  As an alternative advantage is taken of those who have been taught the doctrine of Altruism.  That a person exists to be used by others without their consent.

Can there be compromise with The Death Program?


Ayn Rand answered this question by stating that to mix food and poison always results in poisoning.

Any questions?

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