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It was at this time that the Defense Minister, Marshall of the Soviet Union Andrei Grechko, spoke up.

“Comrades, seven years ago the Americans conducted a nuclear weapon test in outer space over the Pacific Ocean. The electromagnetic pulse given off by the weapon killed roughly one third of the satellites in orbit at the time. I now believe that we can do the same to the starship.”

“You can hit it and destroy it?” Asked the Industry Minister.

“No.” Grechko replied. “We only need to place a nuclear weapon in close proximity to the vessel. The electromagnetic pulse will render its command and control systems inert.”

“How do you plan to do this?” Brezhnev said.

“The Proton rocket can launch a six ton payload to that altitude. And we should be able to assemble a weapon within that mass using existing components.”

Brezhnev looked around the room before speaking again.

“Are there any objections?”

Gorbachev did think of an objection. What if the Star People had intercepted the weapon or it otherwise failed? What would stop them from retaliating in kind?

But given his present situation he decided to remain silent.

Seeing that there were no objections Brezhnev spoke again.

“Comrade Grechko, you will proceed with this operation.”

He then looked down to Gorbachev.

“Comrade Gorbachev, you will go directly to the United States and directly speak to the leader of the Star People. Make him an offer that he will accept to come over to the Soviet side.”

“Yes, Comrade General Secretary.” Gorbachev replied.

How the Hell was he supposed to do that? He thought.

On Saturday evening in a mass meeting was being held, William Grant stood before the multitude assembled within the Minneapolis Auditorium. Deliberated seated in the front rows of the audience were the widows and orphaned children of the Minneapolis police officers killed by the Uptimers.

He looked upon the assembled multitude and spoke.

“My friends, I normally come to you to bring the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, but that is not my mission for this evening. On the Thursday of this week a great crime was committed. Police officers of this great city were brutally and systemically hunted down and murdered. Why?”

Grant paused and looked out again at the assembled audience.

“These men were murdered for simply doing their duty to this great community. Those who committed these murders claimed to have traveled backwards in time, an act that is a simply violation of God's law. They also claim that there is no God and that he did not send his son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, to teach us the truth and to ultimately die for our sins. In speaking these falsehoods they deceived themselves and now are attempting to deceive us. But we will not be deceived, we will hold to God's truth, and we will ultimately prevail.”

In a three story building on the corner of Ninth Street and LaSalle Avenue in downtown Minneapolis a meeting was being held in the news department of WCCO Television. The station was an affiliate of the CBS Television Network but on this evening they were, even on a very short notice, broadcasting the William Grant Crusade. And as with the normal broadcasts of the Crusade program the station was videotaping the normal network programming for broadcast at a later time.

“Can you believe this shit?” Someone said in the back of the room.

The CBS Network in New York had originally declined to broadcast the Uptimer version of the events, including the video of the initial encounter between Boatman and the local cops. But when WTCN, an independent station, had broadcast the encounter on their news program and WCCO had to quickly follow suit.

As a result it was also a damned good thing that the 101 st Airborne Division was now policing the city instead of the MPD.

On the monitor of the broadcast Grant continued to speak.

“So who are these depraved beings who murder good men at will and with apparent impunity? These beings are clearly the servants of Satan...”

Roger Allen, the head of the News department switched off the monitor.

“This has to be a breach of our contract with the network.” He said.

Dave Moore, who normally read the local evening news during the week spoke up.

“So what do we do?”

“Damned if I know, Dave.” Roger replied. “I will be damned if I know. What the Hell was Boatman doing here in the first place?”

A reporter spoke up.

“Apparently he was here to speak with several technology firms about adopting their technology.”

“So what was he doing at the White Castle?” Dave asked.

“According to one manager for a local firm I spoke to Boatman apparently fell in love with the sliders when he went to college in California.”

“They have White Castles in California?” Dave asked again.

“Apparently in Twenty-one-twenty Anno Domini they will.”

Dave nodded.

Roger spoke again.

“Apparently the network dropped the ball on this one, and we should have done a better job covering this story ourselves. From now on we will report the facts on this story regardless of whose toes we end up stepping on. Is that clear?”

Everyone in the room spoke or nodded in agreement.

“Now let’s get to work.”

In the family home outside of Dallas, Texas, Judith Grant sat in the living room with her family and watched her father on his broadcast from Minneapolis.

“So who are these depraved beings who murder good men at will and with apparent impunity? These beings are clearly the servants of Satan, sent here to deceive us and turn us from the path of righteousness.”

Without permission Judith had seen the independent television news coverage of the initial incident between the leader of the Uptimers and the Minneapolis Police. And the police in this incident were clearly not acting in the proper manner.

Why would her father lie about this? She privately thought to herself.

She continued to sit and watch the broadcast.

At the Uptimer base in Nevada Evelyn Boatman sat up in his hospital bed and also watched the broadcast. Normally he would have preferred to read a transcript. Those who claimed to have knowledge were very annoying to those in actual possession of same. And man on the screen strongly reminded Boatman of an evangelist on the original timeline who claimed that passage of destructive effects of Niven 69 were God’s punishment of humanity for their collective sins.

What a moron. He had thought at the time.

He had another thought. If Grant continued to be a problem he would have to dealt with. Just as the aboriginal natives of the planet Eden were.

Thought For The Day

There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

Issac Asimov, 1980

Comment Of The Day

It appears that the best thing that could happen for Scientology is for Davis Miscavige* to drop dead.  Apparently he is through the practice of Black Dianetics almost with a single hand destroying Hubbard's legacy. 

Here former Sea Org member Marty Rathburn cites 31 reasons for the decline of Scientology.

* The spell checker wanted this replaced with Miscarriage.

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Step Back Part Four

Saturday September 20, 1969

At a rare Saturday morning meeting of the Soviet Politburo a film was shown.  It was a 16 millimeter film produced by the U.S. Government of an interview with Mission Commander Evelyn Boatman.  The intended audience were the heads of allied governments along with diplomatic and miliary leaders with top secret clearance.

The KGB had stolen a copy.

For this showing the live accurate and translation of the Standard English dialog was provided by two field grade KGB officers reading from a prepared script.

The officer reading for Boatman was in fact the second man selected for the task.  The first had visibly flinched upon reading through the script for the first time and ultimately would refuse the assignment.

“There is simply no way around it, the fact is that Soviet Communism is based on a purely false concept of human life and is thus doomed to failure.”

The members of the Politburo sat silently as the historic image of the red banner of the Soviet Union being lowered from the Kremlin for the last time was projected on the screen.

Boatman had spoken again.

“Although the Soviet state had been quietly dismantled in the original timeline we cannot be certain of that this will occur in the current timeline.”

When the film ended and the lights came up the Minister for Agriculture spoke.

“How could this child be in command of the Star People?”

Star People was the term adopted by the Soviets for the crew of the starship Eagle. 

Yuri Andropov, the Chairman of the KGB, responded.

“Comrade Minister, The Star People claim to be able to medically reproduce a fully functional mind in a new body.  As a result Boatman himself claims to over two centuries old.”

The Minister for Industry spoke up.

“Don’t they know that Communism is the greatest and final form of social organization?  How could they not know this?  How could they be so blind?”

Andropov answered.

“The Star People are claiming that they have a capitalist society under a minimum state.  And they are also claiming that their political doctrine is based on the works of Ayn Rand.”

The minister’s eyes widened and he shouted out his response.

“Rosenbaum--that lying cunt?  She knows nothing!”

The Industry Minister had used Rand’s given surname.  Andropov again replied.

“Boatman and several other Star People have met with Rand and her inner circle in New York.  And they are now actively promoting her philosophy of Objectivism within the United States.”

“Why do they bother with her?”  Said the Industry Minister.  “That cunt was discredited when the affair with her head disciple was exposed!”

It was at this time that Leonid Brezhnev, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, spoke up.

“Comrades, let us stick to main topic, what can we do about this potential future?”

Most of the members silently sat up and nodded.  Brezhnev then spoke again.

“Mikhail Gorbachev, step forward.”

Gorbachev had been brought directly from his apartment in Moscow with only a brief amount of time to dress himself.  As a result his appearance before the Politburo was shoddy and unshaven.  He then was seated to the side of the room as the film was shown to the committee.

As a result he now saw himself as a dead man standing.

Brezhnev spoke.

“So Gorbachev, what do you have to say for yourself?”

As he saw himself as effectively dead there was no point in attempting to deceive anyone.  He answered honestly.

“What can I say comrades?”

The Minister for Agriculture spoke in return.

“What can you say?  What can you say?  What kind of policies are Openness and Restructuring?”

Gorbachev looked directly at the Agriculture Minister before replying.

“Comrade minister, you speak of events that have not happened, nor as a result of the appearance of the Star People will they ever happen.”

“Explain.”  Said Brezhnev.

“The appearance of the Star People has already altered the chain of events.  What they have told the Americans about the future has altered how they will act in the future.  And changes in how the Americans act will result in changes in how the Soviet Union will respond.  The future described by Boatman is already dead.”

“Nonsense.”  The Minister of Industry replied.  “Boatman and his people are lying!”

The Minister of Science spoke up.

“I must strongly disagree.  The Star People have brought back data on astronomy that they have shared with the Americans, who in turn have shared it with astronomers worldwide including ours.  This includes data on the dead star designated Niven Sixty-Nine.  Several of our radio telescopes have now confirmed the existence of the dead star.”

Everyone in the room stared at the minister.  Brezhnev spoke up.

“What does that mean?”

“In the late Twenty Second century this object will pass through the inner solar system and will radically alter the orbits of the planets, including the Earth.”

Another minister spoke up up.

“Will it hit anything?”

“That’s unknown.”

Andropov then spoke.

“According to the little information we have the intended mission of the Eagle was to assess the damage done by the object and to rescue any survivors found in the Solar System.  The Eagle was originally constructed as a ship that traveled below the speed of light.  When a faster than light drive was developed it was installed in the ship and successfully flown on two missions to nearby stars before the mission to Earth was attempted.  Their passage backwards in time was not expected.”

Another minister spoke up.

“So what do we do now?”

No one had an answer.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Step Back, Part Three

It was Friday afternoon in Washington.

At his desk John Edgar Hoover was immersed in thought.  The people from the future had brought back disturbing information about how far his agency would descend into the darkness before the Federal Government would be overthrown in the event known as The Reformation.  Of particular interest was the incident recorded in their history as the Waco Massacre.  Although another agency initiated the incident it would be the bureau that would carry out what uptime historians called the greatest act of mass murder in American history.

So how can it be stopped?

The answer to the question may lie with a man identified by the Uptimers as a future occupant of the office of president, William Jefferson Clinton.  His name as well has wife’s was on the list of those person who would bring about the collapse of the republic and provoke The Reformation.  The question of what to do with these people had been discussed with Hoover and President Nixon by Commander Boatman.

“One could carry out a dirty war, essentially a discrete campaign of assassination, but it would ultimately be revealed to public view and thus bring about a negative political blowback.”

“It would be wrong.”  Nixon replied.

“No Mister President,”  said Boatman, “it would not be wrong, to terminate a Red or even a mere traitor is a necessary homicide.  But by the present cultural standards it would be impractical.  This is something that will have to changed in the long run.”

Hoover had then asked a question.

“So what would you suggest that we do with these people?”

Boatman had nodded before he replied.

“Something that could be described as a clean war is in order. Place these people under surveillance and arrest them when they do something that can prosecuted as a crime.  You should do this to destroy their future political credibility.”

Hoover sat back in his chair and thought.  In the historic context the original ATF operation against the Branch Davidian residence was unnecessary.  As a licensed firearms dealer was living on site a pair of ATF agents in a government issue sedan could have visited the residence for an inspection.  And if actually taking David Koresh into custody was necessary he could have been placed under arrest while on his morning exercise run. 

No, the ATF action, originally dubbed Operation Showtime, was an irrational publicity stunt that had clearly gone wrong.  The ATF agents were the actual criminals in this situation and should at the very least been taken into custody.

The initial action was bad, the response of the Bureau was worse.

In the history taught to the Uptimers the Waco Massacre was described as a act of Soviet style state terror intended to punish the Branch Davidians for the act of self defense and to intimidate otherwise patriotic citizens into submission to the Clinton Regime.  In response the people who carried out The Reformation would make a clear effort to locate and execute the surviving members of the so-called Hostage Rescue Team of the Bureau.

It was possible that the historical view of the Uptimers was distorted.  But by how much? 

Clinton had clearly demonstrated that he was unfit to be president.  So how could he be blocked from entering the office?

He was identified in the historic record as a sexual predator.  And had been fellated at least once in the Oval Office.  Those men, including the President, who had been cleared to read the full history brought back by the Uptimers had been shocked to have read this.

It appeared that like Teddy Kennedy, Clinton was willing to sexually use women who worked for him.  Could this personal fault could be used to stop him?

It was at this that point Director Hoover decided to place Bill Clinton under long term surveillance by the Bureau.

In downtown Minneapolis a chartered cross country bus pulled up to the entrance of the Auditorium and Convention Center.  The door opened and the first to step out was a tall middle aged man, the Reverend William Grant.

From across the street he could see a squad of armed paratroopers looking on in curiosity.  President Nixon had deployed the alert brigade of the 101th Airborne Division to Minneapolis to keep order in the wake of the massacre of a significant fraction of the municipal police force. 

“Praise The Lord,” he said, “we are here.”

As with many people his curiosity had been piqued with the announcement of the discovery of an inbound starship seen in the southern constellation of Centaurus.  He was slightly amused at the Soviet announcement that they had made radio contact with the alien communist expedition.  He was not at all surprised that the Soviets had lied when actual radio contact with the incoming vessel had been made.

What was shocking was that the starship was flown by humans who had accidentally come from the future.  What he found appalling was that every member of the ship’s company was an atheist and that not one of them would ever speak with him.

They had absolutely denied The Lord Jesus Christ. 

But what truly appalled him was that the people from the starship Eagle had been led by a child.  He had watched at the office of his evangelical ministry the lived televison coverage of the initial meeting of the starmen and President Nixon at Edwards Air Force Base.  The landing craft had been roughly the size of an old DC-3 and vertically landed in a horizontal configuration.  The first of the star travelers to step out from the craft was a teenage boy in a shipboard jumpsuit. 

President Nixon was speechless.  He would later say that he didn’t expect to meet with such an obviously young man.

Apparently the boy had expected this.

“Mister President,”  he said, “we have a medical procedure that recreates the effect of reincarnation.  I’m presently on my sixth incarnation, sir.”

Certainly this was lie.  This absolutely had to be a lie.

The more Reverend Grant had learned of the people who claimed to be from the future the more he was convinced that all they spoke were lies. 

They were clearly the creation and instruments of Satan.

There was no possible other explanation for their presence.

What was worse was that his 14 year old daughter Judith was in the office and watching the live broadcast.  She appeared to have been enthralled by the boy who walked as a man.

“Child!”  Reverend Grant had shouted.  “That is a servant of the devil!  Leave this room!  Now!”

He had done everything he could to protect his children from the presently depraved culture of America.  And it had appeared to him that this was not enough.

But now that he was in Minneapolis he would meet with the families of the police officers murdered by the servants of Satan.  And he could hold a massive worship service here at the Minneapolis Auditorium.

He would do everything he could to stop these tools of Satan.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Second Episode

September 19, 1969

Evelyn Boatman slowly awakened.

He was laying in a hospital bed under full terrestrial gravity.  He could feel an oxygen tube in place on his nose.  When he opened his eyes he saw a familiar figure standing beside the bed.  A woman in scrubs and a white lab coat and holding a clipboard.  The ship’s surgeon and his adopted daughter Alice.

“Hi Dad.”  She said.

“What happened?”  He replied.  “Where am I?”

“We’re at our ground base.  You seriously stirred up a nest of shrieks dirtside.”

The current ground base for the Eagle mission was at the U.S. Government’s Secret Area 51 in New Mexico.

He nodded, then replied.

“In the Terran context it should be hornets.”

“Whatever.”  She replied.  “What was the last thing you remember?”

He thought for a moment before answering.

“We had found temporary sanctuary at the local FBI office.  The squad lander had set down in front of the Federal Building on Third Avenue and the Ranger squad was deployed in a circle.  John and I had almost made it to the lander when something hit me in the back.”

Alice nodded and replied.

“It was a thirty caliber rifle fired by a police marksman.  He apparently thought that the Federal order to not shoot you didn’t apply to him.  The Rangers responded and killed every Minneapolis cop in sight.  The dirtside press are now calling the incident the Minneapolis Massacre.”

“Morons.”  He said.

“The cops or the press?”  She replied.


Alice nodded.

He had another question.

“So how’s John?”

“He’s unharmed and back with his family in Huntsville.”  She said.  “Everyone at NASA Huntsville is seriously angry about the incident.  And apparently Werner was actually cursing in Deutsche, something about the SS not being that stupid.”

Boatman could only nod.  Doctor Von Braun’s personal history was something that not discussed.

Alice spoke again.

“So what happened to you?  Well the bullet missed the heart but the right lung did collapse and we had to reinflate it.  I want to keep you in bed until I’m certain it remains inflated.  Do you understand?”

He looked up at Alice, she had her serious doctor look on her face.

“Yes ma’am.”  He replied.

In Washington President Richard Milhous Nixon was not looking forward to the coming meeting.  The Minneapolis Massacre had become a political nightmare for the administration.  Although the Uptimers were fully cooperating with the FBI and fully presenting their case to the press the various news outlets were not presenting all of the facts.  There appeared to be a concerted effort on the press to place the full blame for the incident on the Uptimers and the federal agencies that supported them.

The meeting would be held in the cabinet room in the West Wing.  Along with the president would be the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Earle Wheeler of the United States Army, and the Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover.  The Uptimers would be represented by executive officer of the Eagle, Lieutenant Commander Michelle Keller.  Commander Keller had brought a one of the spare laptop computers from the Eagle with her for the meeting. 

The other side would be represented by Senators Hubert Humphrey and Edward Kennedy.

An aide poked his head into the cabinet room and spoke.

“Mister President, the senators are here.”

“Send them in.”

“Yes sir.”

The three men stood up while Commander Keller remained seated.

As in the current norm the men shook hands then Senator Humphrey turned towards Commander Keller and put forth his hand with the expectation of a handshake.  The Commander only responded with a cold stare.

President Nixon had read the full history of the United States up to the historical event the Uptimers called The Reformation.  Given what he read he had expected the Uptimers to have a full hatred of the Democratic Party.  What he found truly disturbing was their cold and clinical contempt for the Democrats instead of the emotional state of hatred.

Humphrey spoke.

“Do you understand courtesy?”

Commander Keller coldly responded.

“Where we come from the proper response to the presence of a Democrat is one round in the head in the old Soviet style.”

Both senators were shocked, their eyes widened.

Commander Keller pointed to the chairs as a command motion to sit.

The temperature in the cabinet room seemed to have dropped as the senators silently sat down.

Nixon had also read of the efforts of the political successors of the Democrats to prevent the construction of the sublight starships that would carry humans from the path of the oncoming neutron star that was expected to destroy Human Civilization in the Solar System. 

As one of the Germans at Huntsville who also read the report had put it--those fools could have given Nietzsche several pointers on the philosophy of Nihilism.

Even so the clinical contempt of the Uptimers remained disturbing to the president.

President Nixon spoke.

“The subject of the discussion is the incident in Minneapolis yesterday.”

“Yes,” said Humphrey, “when will those murderers be brought to justice?”

Commander Keller calmly responded.

“Mister Humphrey, your police in Minneapolis chose to behave as predatory animals and were identified and dealt with as such.  Justice has already been properly served.”

Humphrey face turned red as he raised his voice in response.


Commander Keller said nothing in response.  Instead she opened the laptop computer and positioned it so everyone at the table could see the screen and entered the command to play the audio-video file recorded by the lapel camera worn by Evelyn Boatman.  Only after the file had completely played did she respond.

“As you can see the two officers in the initial incident failed to comply with the operational standards of a proper civil constabulary.  Under the circumstances Mission Commander Boatman had no choice but to defend himself with deadly force.”

Both Director Hoover and General Wheeler nodded in agreement.

General Wheeler spoke up.

“Your cops were also ordered to stand down.  Instead one of them shot Commander Boatman and the squad responded to that action in accordance to proper infantry doctrine.”

All of the television network news programs had shown newsreel footage of the Ranger squad, in their powered armor suits, engaging the Minneapolis Police on the ground.  But the networks had consistently not shown the rifle shot that struck Boatman.

Humphrey spoke again.

“The Minneapolis police were slaughtered like animals!  They didn’t know what they were up against!”

Director Hoover shook his head and replied.

“Senator, all the police departments in the Twin Cities area were notified of Commander Boatman’s visit to the area.  The Saint Paul police informed their officers on duty of this.  The Minneapolis police did not.  So whose fault is this?”

Humphrey was struck silent, Kennedy now spoke up.

“So when will these monsters be disarmed?”

Commander Keller replied with a level voice.

“The citizens are the sovereign authority, those who seek to disarm them are traitors to the nation and should be put to death.”

Kennedy’s face turned red and he shouted in response.


President Nixon now interjected himself.

“Commander, I believe the senator is referring to your nuclear weapons.”

The planners of the Eagle expedition had no idea if anyone was still alive in the Solar System or how they would respond to a mission from Alpha Centauri.  It was assumed that a hostile response was possible and that the expedition should be prepared for it.  The Eagle at present carried more nuclear warheads than were in the arsenals of the United Kingdom, France, China, and Israel.  Only the United States and Soviet Union outnumbered them in nuclear bombs and warheads.

“It simply won’t happen, sir.”  She replied.  “And Eagle is presently parked in geosynchronous orbit at about the longitude of Omaha, Nebraska.  Our onboard laser batteries are presently providing coverage against a possible Soviet ballistic missile attack on the United States.  If a hostile government were to come to power in the United States we would have withdraw our block against Soviet actions.”

What she left unsaid was that if a hostile president were elected it would be a very good idea to not be in Washington on Inauguration Day.

“You are the criminals!”  Kennedy shouted.

Commander Keller slightly smiled, looked straight at Kennedy,  and then she calmly spoke.

“Speaking of actual criminals, how is Mary Jo?”

Kennedy’s eyes widened.  He shouted in response.


Commander Keller’s eyes lit up as she spoke in response.

“Teddy, a proper government holds it’s elected officers to the highest reasonable standards, and the act of leaving a helpless young woman to slowly suffocate to death is something we treat as a capital crime.”

Well yes, the young woman in question was a Democrat, but a valid law must be applied to everyone without exception.

Kennedy quickly stood up and left the cabinet room.

President Nixon then spoke.

“Senator Humphrey, it appears that this meeting is over.”

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This is related to my current literary project

On Thursday September 18, 1969, it was time for lunch.

There was a White Castle restaurant on the corner of 4th street and Central Avenue in Minneapolis. It was built at the north end of the parking lot of a strip mall and was one of the prefabricated units in while porcelain and stainless steel that were still in operation on this day. Roughly half an hour after the local noon two men stepped inside. The first was in his early sixties and wore an off the rack grey suit. The second appeared to no older than 14 years old. He wore a custom tailored navy blue suit in the Nehru pattern. The suit jacket was worn loose and unbuttoned with a round silver and glass pin at about the position of the left lapel.

In New York he had been criticized for apparent Third-world style of his choice of attire by a certain little old lady from Leningrad.

“Miss Rand,” he responded with a clearly adult tone of voice, “In spaceflight a necktie is a useless mass and it floats up into the face in free-fall conditions, and I will die before I put on a bow tie.”

The apparently young man also had a short haircut that was more comfortable than fashionable and carried himself as if he were far older.

The apparently younger man spoke to his older companion.

“Do you want anything, John?”

The older man replied with a trace of an educated German accent.

“No sir, go ahead.”

The young man stepped up to the counter and spoke.

“I’ll have four cheeseburgers with catsup and no pickle, fries and a coke please.”

“Yes sir.” The clerk replied.

In the memory of the apparently younger man it had been nearly two centuries since he came to Earth and discovered the White Castle hamburger. He had been born in the primary habitat of Ganymede and had come to Earth for his college education. After the synthetic food he grew up with even the basic slider was a joy to consume.

Even though it was theoretically impossible he and his companions had traveled backwards in time. No one on the crew and science staff aboard the Eagle had any idea how it happened. But now that Evelyn Boatman and his crew were back in 1969 they would have to live with it.

As they waited for the order to come up two Minneapolis Police officers wearing their standard uniform hats entered the restaurant. To John they reminded him of the Secret State Police of the Reich, what was commonly known in his native Germany as the Gestapo. To Boatman they brought forth memories of the stone age sentient reptilian natives of Eden, one of the two habitable planets of the Alpha Centauri system. Vermin who were nearly exterminated by the second wave of Human colonists.

Boatman consciously suppressed the urge to bring out the pistol concealed under his suit jacket.

The senior of the two cops spotted Boatman and spoke.

“Hey kid, why aren’t you in school?”

Boatman turned and calmly replied to the first cop with a clearly adult tone of voice.

“I am not a student.”

John felt it was time for him to speak up to the uniformed thugs.

“Gentlemen, we’re with NASA.”

The second cop turned towards John and growled.

“Shut up!”

The first cop didn’t understand what he saw. What he had identified as the mere teenage boy standing before him should have descended into a visible state of fear. Instead the boy had calmly assumed the position of adult authority.

And even though the boy had a military grade haircut he was still dressed in what the cop had identified as a hippy suit. That made the boy someone he could beat to a pulp without an adverse consequence.

The cop stepped forward and reached to grab the boy with his right hand. He only got off two words before there was a response.

“Listen punk...”

As the cop’s right hand touched the left side on his suit jacket Boatman brought his own right hand down on top of that of the cop. With his left hand he seized the cop’s elbow, spun right with the entire force of his body and pushed forward on the elbow. He could hear the elbow snap. Then with the right hand open he struck the cop with the palm up to the chin of the cop. Boatman could hear the neck of the cop snap.

Boatman then reached back under his jacket drew his pistol and aimed it at the head of the second cop.

The second cop didn’t recognize the weapon as a currently manufactured handgun. He sneered with full rage.

“Use a real gun, punk!”

Boatman pulled the trigger. There was no report of a gunpowder weapon. Only a crack of a projectile moving at slightly above the speed of sound combined with the impact of the projectile upon the head of the thug.

The weapon was manufactured on Zion, the second world colonized in the Alpha Centauri system. It used magnetic force to propel a bullet made of a 2 centimeter core of depleted uranium wrapped in a centimeter sheath of mild steel at slightly above the speed of sound.

The second cop dropped to the floor.

Evelyn Boatman looked up at his companion and spoke.

“Well, that was rude.”

Doctor Johannes Linden reverted to the language of his homeland.


Boatman then looked over to the manager and staff of the White Castle.

“Sorry about the mess,” he said, “I guess we’ll have to skip lunch.”

He then turned back to his companion and spoke.

“Let’s go.”

As then walked back to the rented car Boatman spoke again.

“If I recall correctly there is a Federal building on Third Avenue in downtown, there should be a FBI office there.”

When Central Avenue crossed the Mississippi River it became Third Avenue South. They should find sanctuary from the local cops at the FBI office.

As John pulled the car out of the shopping center’s parking lot Boatman reached into a coat pocket and pulled out a device. He needed to make a call.

Monday, August 25, 2014

An Old Thought

Back in November of 2008 I said this online:

Of course Barack Obama will have a problem with selfishness.

And it's not simply an issue of tax policy. Before one can say, "this is wrong, I won't do it", one has to say "I".

Conscience is the expression of the ego in the moral realm. To make a moral judgment and to act on it are basically selfish acts. It is the self that sees through its own eyes and acts on its own knowledge of right and wrong.  You could not be selfish if you cannot live with yourself.

Rational Selfishness as defined and advocated by Ayn Rand was limited to acts which benefited one's self but caused no harm or inflicted a cost on another person.

The narcissist, especially in the political realm, is not concerned with the injuries and burdens inflicted on other people. In fact, the more destructive the consequences of obedience to those who obey the narcissist, the better. Human sacrifice with beating hearts cut out and victims flayed alive, that's great. Millions worked to death in slave labor camps in Siberia, as far as the narcissist is concerned that's better.

In order for me to say, "I, Leslie Bates, do solemnly swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America..." I have to say "I". That was my ego speaking when I took the oath of enlistment.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thought For The Day

There is no such thing as a good Marxist.

Even a dead Marxist has to be disposed of.