Tuesday, April 07, 2020


American Liberals won't let the rest of the Human Race live, as a result a second American Revolution will occur.

Monday, April 06, 2020

Thought For The Day

Marxists in general have apparently mastered the practice of double think, the treatment of concepts as opposite of their true meaning.  The doublethinker worships despots as liberators and saviors while the true liberators are treated as conquerors and murderers. The doublethinker treats literally bloody handed murderers as innocent victims while willfully ignoring the mass graves of hundreds of thousands of helpless men, women, and children.

The doublethinker treats the society of contract and consent, for which Marx invented the pejorative term CAPITALISM, as a slave system while SOCIALISM, which in practice requires compulsion, slave labor, and the outright murder of those who resist, is called true liberation.

The doublethinker treats the acts of robbery and murder as just while the act of self defense is punished as the foulest of crimes.

Ultimately the doublethinker treats the United States of America, the greatest and most morally advanced nation on Earth, as vilest of evils, fit only for destruction.  As an individual the doublethinker is merely insane, as a political activist the doublethinker is a mortal hazard to individual persons and to Mankind in General.

If President Trump was murdered by the Marxists or their Islamist allies the result wouldn't be, as a campus commie imagines it, the ascendance of the Marxist elite, but instead it would be the initiation of the long overdue extermination of the followers of Karl Marx.

Hell, skip the assassination, let's start now.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Questions And Answers

Who needs a Reichministry Fur Kultur when the Mainstream Media will voluntarily lie to us?


 The advocacy of a political end cannot be separated from the advocacy the means it is brought about.  The case in this point is that the disarming of The People requires the use of deadly force. Some advocates of "Gun Control" do not have a problem with this.  In their view reality is subject to a vote and therefore a vote to legalize the murder of citizens who own guns is morally correct.  But Reality is Real.  Reality is not subject to a vote.  And Murder is Murder.  No vote by any political body can change that.  The advocacy of "Gun Control" is the advocacy of Murder.  A state that legalizes Murder in this respect ceases to be a government and devolves to a gang of criminals.  And as such it must be put down by deadly force,and those who pushed and voted for the Murder of gun owners  must themselves be put to death.  There's no such thing as a God given right.  A right is a concept, and all concepts must be based on the facts of reality.

But is gun control effective?


 The effectiveness of totalitarian gun control as described by the commander of the 106th Guards Airborne Division of the Soviet Army. One of the units sent to suppress an anti-Armenian pogrom in Azerbaijan. As told to Carey Schofield, author of "The Russian Elite: Inside SPETSNAZ And The Airborne Forces."

"We landed by night, and some of our aircraft came under attack as we did so. One carrying personnel from Tula landed with twenty-two holes in the fuselage. The people thronging around the airfield were armed with sub-machine guns, knives and clubs. I went over to the crowd and said, 'Look! The Army is not a cat to be swung around in the air. Clear the road!' The KPP (Control and Command Post) of the airfield was blocked with KRAZ and KAMAZ trucks loaded with boulders. People started shouting that we wouldn't get through. While I was talking to the crowds my sappers were cutting the wire fence about 200 meters to the left and right of the KPP. I gave the crowds five minutes to think things over. They began jeering and laughing. Within five minutes two companies from my Ryazan regiment had crossed through the holes in the wire. The whole crowd was ordered to lie face down. We kept them there all night, to let them think things over. When we told them to clear off, the next morning, nobody wanted to admit that he had come armed. They all just left their weapons behind. So I said, 'okay, let's just say we found them'."

If gun control doesn't keep firearms out of the hands of criminals in Soviet Russia, it's not going to do so in America.

The fact is that some adherents of what was politely called gun control are in fact the heirs of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party.  As a result it has become very-very-very-easy to predict what an advocate of public disarmament will say.  All one has to do is take any mouth dropping of Reichsminister Paul Joseph Goebbels and substitute the words Gun Owner for the word Jew.  Yes, it’s that obvious.  There's no such thing as "common sense gun control" those who are in favor of banning firearms are Enemies of Humanity and should be treated in the Nuremberg style, from the neck until dead, and there's no limit to what a Statist can do to a disarmed victim.

A Gun Control advocate asking a member of the NRA how many people they've killed is like a National Socialist asking a Jew many people they've ripped off. 

All ten articles of the Bill Of Rights establish without question the primacy and authority of the People over the federal government.

While over the course of the last century and a half real progress has been made to establishing the legal equality of all persons without regard to race or gender.  The so-called Progressive movement has negated all real progress by reversing the relationship between the People and the governments of our nation and the states.  The federal and various state governments have assumed the role of master while the People are condemned to the status of livestock.

A moron once called me a murderer.  I was a member of the National Rifle Association at the time and was attending the annual meeting and she was leaning out of a car window and yelled at me as I was walking on the sidewalk in Downtown Minneapolis to the meeting.

So how many people (apart from old school Klansmen) has the NRA killed?


How many people have Marxists (who took power from an elected government in November of 1917) killed?

Over 3000 a day on average.

And remember, killing a Marxist isn't an act of murder, it's an act of self defense.

UPDATE 1155 CDT: The PRC appears to be practicing biological warfare.

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Thought For The Day

I once sad that "If anything, the Nazi-Soviet War of 1941-1945 could be characterized as a drive-by shooting carried out on an industrial scale."

Leftist infighting I guess.

Friday, April 03, 2020

Thought Of The Day

Antisemitism in politics is the practical equivalent of a dead canary in a coal mine, I can't say this often enough.

Thursday, April 02, 2020


The leadership of the Democratic Party is clearly insane, the rank and file members of the party should just start a new political party.

Tom Cruise (a Scientology cheerleader) may as well have said "it's an honor to be a National Socialist."

Scientology has all the credibility of the NSDAP, which is to say none at all.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020


The Chinese Communist Party lost more face by lying about the virus outbreak than simply telling the truth.  The Chinese Communist Party is lying about the deaths is their domain.  Gosh, what a surprise.

Those who deny your right to exist are mortal enemies.