Tuesday, September 07, 2004

So What Else Is New?

While returning to the shop from a pizza delivery run in the late afternoon I used Godfrey Boulivard, a section of road that ran through the Minnehaha Falls park. Before me a woman wearing a huge sun-hat crossed my path, when she reached the pavement of the road she did not slow down nor did she turn her head to look for oncoming traffic.

There was enough space ahead of me to stop my truck.

No, I did not pause to ask if she was a Democrat.

I have C-SPAN on the device that my Mom used to call the idiot box, they're replaying Dubya's appearance at a campaign rally in Missouri. He spoke to and shook the hands of the folks there during a light rain without a coat or an umbrella.

I'll bet good money that Lurch wouldn't even try that without some obvious servant holding an umbrella over him.

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