Friday, September 10, 2004

A Couple of Footnotes

About the credibility of Dan Rather from Little Green Footballs:

A fellow posting as True German Ally wrote:

I was interviewed on TV by Dan Rather when the Berlin Wall fell. After a few minutes he asked me to speak in a "much heavier German accent" to sound more "authentic". I refused because I felt that was just plain silly (my English is almost accent free).

"Rather" telling, isn't it?

And Argentblue wrote:

I'm pretty sure that even CBS didn't have proportionally-spacing, automatically-superscripting, perfect-word-wrapping, super-duper-uber-typewriters in 1972-1973, which means that Dan Rather was likely banging things out on a fricking typewriter.

Obviously, the Dan Rather of today is a changeling left by aliens so naturally he would have no memories of fabric ribbons, monospaced fonts and Ko-Rec-Type.

Either that, or he's an idiot for not immediately recognizing just how UNLIKELY documents that looked like this in '72-'73 would be.

Absolutely. Freaking. Astounding. How stupid can CBS (and the rest of the MSM) be?

How stupid indeed?

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