Saturday, September 11, 2004

Flittering Thoughts That Are Somehow Related

The "warriors" of primitive cultures generally tend to put a great amount of effort into appearing ferocious. Warlike posturings through the use of huge feathered headdresses, demonic face and body painting, and loud howling and energetic dancing were intended to achieve victory through scaring off the opponent.

On the other hand the citizens of civilized states, having neither time nor patience for such bullshit, developed the tools and tactics for closing with their enemies and bringing about decisive victory through direct physical violence.

Now having foul memories of being hammered on the character issue during the Clinton administration, the Donks have decided that running on the character issue, is "the ticket" for this year. Their candidate thus proceeded to strike a pose as a hero of the Vietnam War, as if that were massively superior to flying a fighter-interceptor with a reputation for being a widowmaker and being on call to intercept Soviet bombers flying along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts out of Communist Cuba. (With only God, the flight crews, and the Soviet Politburo knowing if those bombers were carrying live nuclear weapons.)

Oh, and never mind the clear ability to lead already demonstrated by President Bush over the last three years.

While the Donks candidate for Vice President, having enriched himself at the expense of the doctors and patients of his home state, would fit in as a villain in Atlas Shrugged with minimal editing, the head of the ticket wouldn't fit in at all. No matter how foul and destructive one of Ayn Rand's villains could be, not one of them would fit the Constitutional definition of a traitor. (Unless you want to count the Reds in We The Living.)

But now CBS News, in their capacity of being a self-appointed Orwellian Ministry of Truth, has attempted to defame President Bush by presenting forged evidence of his being delinquent of duty while in the Texas Air National Guard. Even though the so-called evidence has been solidly shown to be recently generated forgeries, the "Amsoc" party and their media drones persist in striking the pose of virtue, declaring in effect that they are the sole arbiters of truth.

But as Ayn Rand once pointed out, reality cannot be faked. Self deception leads to self-defeat. And self deception, if persistently pursued, will ultimately bring about self-destruction.

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