Thursday, September 09, 2004

Smoking Word Processor

CBS News, in their infinite wisdom, has presented on their 60 Minutes II program a number of memos concerning President Bush's service in the Air National Guard.

This is part of one of those memos:

[Image removed by request of webmaster]

The proportional spacing and the use of the superscript "th" indicate that this document was generated on a word processor. A technology that simply did not exist in 1973.

In comparison here is part of the travel orders, generated on a typewriter, that I was issued nine and a half years later.

[Image removed by request of webmaster]

Even if a "charlie yankee alpha" memo was in fact created, it would look like it was generated on a manual typewriter, not on a word processor.

Freedom of Speech and of the Press is the right to speak and publish the truth, not a licence to commit a crime against the citizens of our republic.

Update, 1530 hours CDT, 10 Sep 04:

I've removed images and links to the documents on this posting.

I've been told that there has been 17,000 hits on this posting and that 3,700 people have downloaded my travel orders.

Is a place I can host images elsewhere?

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