Friday, September 17, 2004

Dealing With The Goons

In the dicsussion thread on this topic on the Right Wing News site some people wrote:

OT...I live in Philly, and I've seen up close the Union goons in action on election day. That's why I roll my eyes when the Dems start screaming about "disenfranchisement", when they are the masters of it.


I was in Center City on election day, and it was a mess. People running up and down the streets shouting at -- not to -- passers-by that they'd "better" vote Democratic. They were actually scaring people.

So how should we deal with Leftist brownshirt actions on election day?

The first obvious thought that came to mind was to go to the polls in a group. Bring cameras (stills and video). Split into two groups, one group to go into the polling place and the other group in overwatch mode with the cameras. When the first group finishes voting they will take the overwatch position while the other group votes. In the event of a confrontation with any Leftist brownshirts the photos and video get turned over to Fox News or the appropriate Federal agency.

That's my $ 0.02

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