Friday, September 24, 2004

Religion of Peace?

Not according to Dr. Hurd:

And Islam is a religion of peace, right? Check out the picture to the left for a brief reminder of where such an approach to life ultimately and inevitably leads. Read the current news stories about the barbaric beheadings of innocents in Iraq and see what people do in the name of religion.

Here's the picture:


Scog Blog said...


The real Islam is a religion of peace - the Koran teaches peace. Sadly in our world there are those who take the message and corrupt it for thier own use. Most Muslims would not own the views of those that use terror to further their cause.

Leslie Bates said...

Cut the bullshit.

Islam is not only NOT a "religion of peace", it is not a religion. Calling it a criminal conspiracy would be a cosmic understatement.

As I have said before, Islam is death.The self-appointed prophet of "Allah" was pedophile rapist, a robber, and a murderer. He robbed carvans of people who were working their butts off for their living. He not only murdered his critics but also had their entire family, including the children, killed.

The actual goal of Islam is conquest, plunder, and murder of those of who refuse to accept the depraved ravings of this utterly vile creature and degrade themselves before his false god.

Anyone who behaved as this false prophet did would, in a rationally governed present-day state, be hunted down and put to death. (And in the liberal states he would be confined for life without parole.)

If Islam were to triumph over human civilization the Human race would not only be condemned to extinction but Humanity would deserve to be extinct.

Anonymous said...

If one postulates the existence of Satan then the Koran is the word of Satan. Otherwise it is merely the rantings of a thieving brigand and pervert. No loving God would have said 'kill the Jews and Christians'. God loves all his children, his creation after all, regardless if they are Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or even Atheists. This is so simple a truth, that it confounds me why the writer of the Koran did not understand such a simple truism. Unless of course the Koran is written as a manual for the subjugation and loot of other people. Then of course it makes perfect sense.

If any person did what Mohammed did, then in any sane society he would be put in prison for life. It is my belief though that Mohammed was a psychotic and in the West we do not have a tradition of imprisoning those who are not responsible for their acts. For such people there are other more humane institutions to hold them and provide appropriate medication and therapy.


Anonymous said...

When will the idiot apologists for Islam stop insulting our intelligence? Islam never was, and never will be, a religion of peace. It is a 7th century tribal cult.

I suggest the apologists read "The meaning of the Glorious Quran, an explanatory translation by Mohammed M Pickthall, Albirr Foundation UK"

You will learn how Mohammed "found it necessary" to defend his 'religion' by military force. You will learn how his army destroyed entire cities because the inhabitants refused to bow to the institutionalised thuggery that is the true islam.

Allah appears to have a massive preoccupation with sex and military adventures. A complete opposite to the genuine religions like Christianity and Buddhism, both of which teach love and forgiveness, not the rape of captured females and the beheading of those who refuse to bow down to forced conversion.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but nearly every terrorist is a Muslim, let's not forget that elementary fact.