Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Short Version of The Letter To The Editor

I am a reader and contributor to the Harry Binswanger List.  An e-mail list where Objectivists can calmly discuss any topic relevant to the philosophy of Objectivism.  One advantage to the list is that all posts have to be kept to less than four hundred words.

In effect one has to think again.

Of course I had to cut a bit in order to post a comment on The Letter To The Editor.

Here is the final version:

I oppose pacifism.

I once clipped out a letter to the editor of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and taped it to back of the cover of a notebook, but did not record the date of the letter.

To quote the emission of non-sentience:
One child dies
Regarding Jim Klobuchar’s March 8 column, “8-year old boy died with grace and courage, but without an answer”: Michael Blake’s mother came into WAMM last April for information on the relationship of health-care cuts and military increases.  Her visit was motivated by son Michael’s deep understanding that research on disease saves lives while research on Star Wars ends lives.

Sometimes it’s so simple. One child dies.  One hundred thousand children live in poverty.  We spend almost $300 billion on defense.  Yet our children are left defenseless against poverty and disease.

Michael understood this.  Why can’t we?

– Nikki LaSorella, co-director, Women Against Military Madness, Minneapolis.

If consciousness is the process of identification then this letter was the clear evidence of brain death.  Here the child-like condition of ignorance is held to be superior to clear knowledge.  An eight year old child is not normally educated in the theory of individual rights and the history of relations with foreign nations.  Nor would that child be aware of the mass graves and other monuments to the ideologies of totalitarian  power across Europe and Asia.  As well as the similar but yet undiscovered and unnamed horrors across Cuba, China, and North Korea.   

A child can be forgiven for his lack of knowledge.  But an adult has absolutely no excuse.  This specific adult has absolutely no excuse for the facilitation of criminal predation within our nation and assistance given to foreign aggressors by the so-called peace movement.

The condition of Peace in fact cannot be identified as a moral value apart from the fundamental value of Human Life in the state of Freedom. But LaSorella is not just a pacifist.  She is clearly a Communist as well.  Her target audience in writing this letter were those persons who are ignorant of moral philosophy and political history and wish to remain so.

LaSorella denies the fact that the American Government protects a society of free people against domestic criminals and foreign conquerors.  Her vision is of an entire nation converted at gunpoint to a vast slave labor system.
 Unfortunately I cannot cut the Marxist nonsense as such.

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