Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Statement On Foreign Policy

Let me make one point absolutely clear.  Any state or non-state entity that makes war on the United States of America during my term in office will be defeated and will NEVER have the means to make war again.  If that requires the use of NUCLEAR WEAPONS then I will do so.

If I find it necessary the aggressors will be eliminated from existence.  Permanently.

Glenn Beck and David Barton on our first foreign war against a Non-European power.  The War on the Barbary Pirates:

I learned about this war in a used history text that I found being given away by a school library.  This war was not covered in any history course I attended at Edison High School in Minneapolis.

So much for public education.

Seriously, do yourself a service and do a search for the Wars Against the Barbary Pirates.  This is a clear lesson on how to deal with aggressors in general, and Islamic Terrorists in particular.

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