Friday, December 27, 2013


Where Do I Stand?

Dr. Walter Williams has published a short article on, the website of Investors Business Daily.  In this article Dr. Williams points out several instances in the 18th Century where a president had vetoed bills for charitable spending on the grounds that there was no Constitutional authority for charity.

In the current day things have changed for the worse.  Taxpayers are now expected to carry the burdens imposed by the Congress at the urgings of the mob of Lobbyists.  To refuse to to so would be an act of political suicide.  Thus John Bohener and the so-called leadership of the Republican Party have chosen to stand with the Washington Nomenklatura.  He has chosen to stand against the Tea Party, the citizens who can no longer carry the burdens that are imposed on them.

In the past many citizens went along with the program because it was expected of them.  They were taught that it was right to politically shift the burdens of life from the non-producers to the productive.  This in turn was a consequence of being educated in the Progressive Era.

But the fact is that virtually all of the spending that is declared to be entitlements is in fact simply a bribe to some voters paid for at the expense of others.  Drop the so-called entitlements from the budgets of the Federal government and of the states and the burden becomes manageable, if not actually tolerable.

 So how do I fit into this?

In October of 2013 I was barely getting by as a taxi driver in Minneapolis. In fact I had just signed up at a temporary labor service in order to work on the one day of the week that all taxi drivers were legally required to take off from driving.

But one day I went to bed and about a month later I woke up as I was being transferred from one hospital to another.  My Mother was with me for the transfer. I was not able to move and I was barely able to speak.

I had come down with pneumonia at home and had a heart attack while unconscious at the original hospital.  It had taken me another  three months to relern how to walk and speak clearly again.

I was told that it cost half a million dollars to save my life.

When I finally left the hospital I was no longer able to drive a taxi cab or perform any other proper work.  Even though I am working on writing one or more novels I am now living in public housing in Minneapolis and receiving payments for Social Security Disability.

But, as some people would point out, I should be collecting on the funds I paid into the Social Security system when i was working.  I am entitled to it.

In reality the Social Security system was set up as a Ponzi Scheme.  Current workers would pay into the system to cover the benefits paid to current retirees.  The current workers would be paid by the input made by the next generation of workers.

The scheme assumed that there be a continued rise in the working population as well as economic growth.  But population has leveled out and the insane policies of the Democratic Party and especially the Obama Administration have brought out nation to the brink of collaspe.

Now in normal politics my state of dependency of the system should have meant that I would have no choice but to vote for the continuance of it.  On this point I did actually thought of committing suicide.

Of the other hand I had decided that even though I was now dependent on the system I would work towards dismantling it.

But the current situation has opened up a possible new course for me.  Boehner and the GOP establishment's continuing appeasement of Barack Obama and the Democrats has essentially made them the junior branch of the de-facto Bipartisan Party.  To fill the gap left by this effective merger I decided to stand for the office of President of the United States.

And as I'm already living on the public dime I may as well earn it.

As had been pointed out before to run on a rational platform of spending and tax reduction would be to a professional politician and act of suicide.  My intent is to correct this.  I will also bring the Federal Government back into full compliance to the Constitution.

And if I, or a better person, do not succeed in this neither I, nor the United States of America will have a future.

(Yes, the title is a reference to an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.  The reference to the Bipartisan Party is a deliberate nod to the film Death Race 2000.  No, I do not intend to "score" on President Barack Obama.  I caved in the front end of my favorite car, a Mercury Tracer, by hitting a deer of half his mass on US 65 south of Albert Lea, Minnesota.)

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