Monday, October 25, 2004

The Tear In The Social Fabric

Varifrank writes about the cultural gulf between the rich and everyone else:

I've noted before that I never met an actual communist while I worked in a factory, but I did meet lots of them when I was at school. I also never found a communist or someone who believed in communism who actually had a job. What's worse, those who constantly lectured me on the values of communism were always the ones who sneered at the janitor, or gave the waitresses a hard time and left no tips. I learned a lot about the left while I was in college, although I'm sure it was not the lesson they hoped to teach me.

No kidding.

People with Kerry signs in their windows and yards are generally not good tippers if they tip at all. And union members are the worst offenders in the respect.

I once had a liberal (the Martin Luther King, Jr. tee-shirt was a dead giveaway) to whom I delivered a pizza who had me wait outside in the cold and intensely pouring rain while he slowly counted out the exact amount of the transaction and not one penny more.

Varifrank also had this to say:

I believe it is this concept of obligation over self fulfillment that serves as the precise point of rupture in our culture.

But there is also a certain bunch of rather odd people who treat the fulfillment of obligations as a form of self-fulfillment. (I used to be one of them.) And then there is the Marine Corps.

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