Saturday, October 02, 2004

Bring Out Your Dead!

Still online for now.

From the Democratic People's Republic of Madison, Wisconsin comes this tale of devotion after death:

While, traditionally, yard signs are ways to support a candidate, in Jane Buffet's obit, her final statement reads, "To honor her memory, please do everything you can to elect John Kerry."

"Her vote couldn't count any more, but this was the best way we knew to make her voice heard," John said.

Actually, in any area under the political control of the Donks the dead actually do cast votes that count. This dim bitch actually exercised a choice in the matter.

Someone who wasn't fully up to speed on this phenomena left an anonymous message:

"It's too bad she won't be able to vote for Kerry, and hopefully on the day that Bush gets elected she'll burn in hell!"

I would not be surprised if the special circle in Hell for traitors started to get a bit crowded.

(But Les, you're an atheist. Shhhhhh!)

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