Friday, October 08, 2004

Let's Define Barbarism And Citizenship

Tim Dunkin at The Baby Seal Club gives us a working definition of barbarism (hat tip to Susan at Res Publica 2004):

These Democrats are really delusional, even to the point of thinking that they should just be allowed to do whatever they want to whomever they want.

Tim also reminds us that:

... many of those fighting in Iraq, perhaps most, are middle class folks who are tradesmen, accountants, professionals, or businessmen in civilian life. Hardly the poor fighting and dying for rich old white men.



Anonymous said...

Safety and peace of mind that we will not be harmed is among the greatest gifts we get as citizens of this country. It is the brave men and women in Iraq that are providing this safety. At the same time I disagree in light of the recent Dulfur report that the president really has made us safe. It's a fair and important question. The reason I'm not saying I strongly disagree because I was somewhat in your camp a few days ago. The reason I don't agree with you any more is the new report that came out a few days ago. I no longer can say with a clear conscience that Iraq was an imminent threat, and I think that the President is stubborn to a flaw in not admitting his mistake. I think in the time we've wasted in Iraq, Iran and North Korea have become stronger and have made both us and our allies less safe as a result. In addition, I do agree and have agreed with a point Kerry made tonight that our ports are not safe right now and the likelihood of terrorists shipping a weapon through those ports is indeed the threat of the future.

Anonymous said...

Keep living in your safe and comfortable surreal world. I wish you peace and happiness. But rememeber, what you cannot see or refuse to accept can still hurt you. Fortunately, there are those that are paying the price for your freedom to engage in this cozy debate. C.J. Gbur, Jr., MD

Leslie Bates said...

It's not my world that's surreal.