Saturday, October 16, 2004

Double-Plus Duh!

Voter registration fraud in Colorado (hat tip Res Publica 2004):

Election hijinks are getting spookier as Halloween draws near.

A temporary worker at the Denver Election Commission was entering information on new voters into a computer Friday when one registration form leaped out at her.

Her own name appeared on the form with a correct address and a fabricated Social Security number.

"That was the strangest," said Bill Brennan, voter registration coordinator for Denver.

There was also one form Friday that resurrected Chicago-style politics. A dead person was registering to vote.

Election workers cross-reference voter registration information with vital records such as death certificates, and this particular "Joe" had been flagged as a "death delete" file.

Don't worry. In Denver, you can't vote from the grave. The new registration was found invalid and forwarded to the Denver district attorney's office for investigation of possible fraud.

What I'm afraid of at the moment is that I will go into the polling site and that I'll be told that I already voted by absentee ballot.

Which would be the only way I would ever cast a ballot for JFnK.

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