Friday, October 29, 2004

Staring Us In The Face

The Big Trunk at the Powerline Blog has evidence of attempted vote fraud:

Among the well-funded and supposedly independent groups supporting John Kerry in the campaign is Americans Coming Together (ACT). ACT has taken notice of Minnesota's special vulnerabilty to vote fraud and organized a sophisticated effort to exploit it in a manner that violates Minnesota law. In Minnesota the Bush campaign has come into the possession of the following email from ACT to its Minnesota volunteers:

Election Day is upon us. You are confirmed to volunteer with ACT (America Coming Together - on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov 2.

We will be creating name badges that include your Ward and Precinct information for each of the thousands of volunteers that day to make it easier to find a volunteer to vouch for a voter at the polls.

I am emailing you to request your street address, city and zipcode. We've already got your other contact information, but your record in our database does not include this information.

You can save us time on election day by replying today to this email with this information, or give us a call at [phone number with St. Paul area code].

In order to get your badge correct, please reply by Thursday.

Thank you for your help and cooperation. See you on Election Day!

The Republican Party of Minnesota has put out a press release on the subject:

"Either through ignorance, or by design, the DFL Party is asking people to risk committing a felony by misinforming them of Minnesota's precise election procedures," said [Republican Party of Minnesota State Chair Ron] Eibensteiner. "I am asking the DFL to make their intentions clear in this election, and answer whether they are planning a mass vouching program on Election Day." Eibensteiner also raised concerns about the massive army of 10,000 lawyers that Democrats and the Kerry Campaign are sending to battleground states, including Minnesota. The Democrats' efforts in Minnesota stand in sharp contrast to Republican's homegrown efforts. Republican voter turnout efforts are staffed overwhelmingly by volunteers, and the vast majority of our poll watchers are Minnesotans -- as of right now more than 99 percent. And most will not be attorneys.

Would somebody please tell me what the difference is between the Democratic Party and a criminal gang is?

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