Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Dealing With The Problem...

...in a most American way.

Minnesota Democrat Exposer posts a letter and photo sent to him by a victim of the sign vandals:

"For the past ten days, I had a large 8x4 ft Bush sign in my backyard. During that time, it was spray painted three times and almost stolen, but we caught them in the act. Finally, on Wednesday it was stolen in the middle of the night...these people are attacking our most fundamental right as Americans, freedom of speech. Rather than put up a new Bush sign, I felt the need to put my own sign up to send these people a message." Source: Email sent to MDE

Those of us who live in the American culture of initiative and consent will always deal with our problems with the resources at hand. We will not submit to the will of those who, in acting out their ideological or theological fantasies, are attempting to impose a culture of compulsion and obediance upon us.

Give us Liberty or eat shit and die you marxist motherf**kers!

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