Thursday, October 14, 2004

Somebody Is Seeing The Fnords

York County victory center vandalized for the fifth time (hat tip Blogs for Bush):

Cleanup will soon be under way at the Bush-Cheney Victory Center in York County for the fifth time this election season.

Vandals spray painted anti-Bush messages and "Vote Kerry" on the building and on the rented sign out front Wednesday night.

They also stole the letters from the sign out front which had been advertising a veterans event for this weekend.

"I just don't understand the mentality we're dealing with here. I mean, what are they proving? Because it's really, it's degrading to the other party to have this kind of vandalism going on," said Darwin Doll, headquarters coordinator.

The vandals hit other businesses and a barn along Route 74 just outside of Dallastown Wednesday night.

Doll said the Victory Center will now be equipped with security cameras.

In Wilson and Shea's novel ILLUMINATUS! the number FIVE [fnord] has a psychomystical (their term) significance in that important events are linked to the number FIVE [fnord] in some fashion. No doubt the perpetrators of this vandalism are high fiving [fnord] themselves at this very minute. [fnord]

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