Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Election Fraud Update

Bill Hobbs has linked to another blogger's story of Democrat shenanigans:

In the last three or four days, my residence has received a half dozen calls from the Clark County "Kerry" Campaign.

My caller ID reads: "OHIO VICTORY 937-323-5158". I'm posting that in it's entirety so that if any web crawler comes across it, they'll get slammed by unsolicited phone calls. Anyhow, every time I answer the person on the other line asks for someone who doesn't live at my residence. It's been a different name every time. Interesting isn't it? Could this be another sign that someone has registered "people" to vote using false information? If so that's at least a half dozen voters with my phone number. I know for certain that they don't have old residents of this house, since it has been in my family for many years with no one by those names.

Mr. Hobbs has other posts on the subject of vote fraud here and here.

If I recall correctly, one of Luttwak's rules for carrying out a coup d'etat is to keep the preparations a secret.

Otherwise the potential victims will be able to pre-emptively prepare to fight back or even identify and take out the plotters.

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