Monday, August 30, 2004

So What Else Is New?

Mein Gott, I'm beginning to sound like Kurt Vonnegut or Lloyd Dobbins.

So anyway, the commie thugs peace activists presently in New York City are planning to pick a fight confront the NYPD through the techniques of posturing and thuggery creative non-violence.

As Michael P. Tremoglie at Frontpage Mag points out:

However, the ultimate irony of this plan was that it was designed, in part, by a former Vietnam Veteran Against the War (VVAW) colleague of John Kerry. Joe Urgo – now a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party – was one of John Kerry’s VVAW executive members. It has been alleged that Kerry was part of the committee that authorized Urgo’s trip to North Vietnam, “to produce propaganda audio tapes to be broadcast over Radio Hanoi for the purpose of attempting to convince American troops to desert their duty and units in South Vietnam. ”

I sincerly hope that the NYPD will bash the brains of these would-be marxist tyrants out on the pavement show the demonstrators all due respect for their depravity courage of their lust for power convictions.

Now I'm beginning to sound like Mr. Subliminal.

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