Thursday, August 26, 2004

Barbarism In Action

I found this in a SwiftVets forum:

The woman told me she had been a nurse in Nam. She went on to say that there were times when they, the nurses, went into villages and helped injured or otherwise unhealthy civilians living in them, as well as taking care of troops.

She told me that she was in Nam from 67-69. That while there, she never saw our guys do atrocities, but she saw the results of Cong atrocities.

She went on (rather tearfully) to tell me how she came home and, because her roommate (a nursing friend she knew before she left) had the evening shift, she said she would walk home from the Trailways station. Which she did. About 3 blocks from her apt., she was dragged into an alley and raped by "three dirty hippy boys" who kept saying "you like baby killers? We'll give you a baby to kill, baby!"

She did end up pregnant, did not seek an abortion, and her son (age 34) is now serving in the Marines in Iraq. There's a whole lot more to the story, but she told me that she PERSONALLY BLAMES KERRY for her rape all those years ago.

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