Monday, November 08, 2004

Fighting Back Against The Jihad

Not all Dutchmen are Dhimmies:

Mon Nov 8, 2:24 AM ET

THE HAGUE (AFP) - An Islamic school in the Dutch city of Eindhoven was hit by an explosion but no one was injured, ANP news agency reported, as police said the blast could be linked to the murder of a controversial filmmaker.

Police said the explosion around 3:30 am (0230 GMT) caused serious damage to the school entrance and could be linked to the brutal murder of Thoe van Gogh by a suspected radical Islamist.

Windows at nearby buildings were blown out.

Eindhoven mayor Alexander Sakkers told public Dutch radio that no one was hurt in the explosion but that people in the neighborhood were in shock.

Muslim houses of worship and Islamic schools have been under surveillance since the murder Tuesday of van Gogh but police patrols would be stepped up, he added.

ANP reported Sunday that three Dutch mosques had been targeted in failed arson attempts at the weekend.

If I may make a suggestion toward a long term solution to the problem:

An oath of allegiance made in the name of a false god is a false oath.

Update at 0740 CST:

Rune at Little Green Footballs wrote:

BTW. There seems to be a small movement going where people write “Thou shalt not kill. RIP Theo van Gogh” on their front door or other public places. It started in The Netherlands and has now spread to here in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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